22 things that make me happy

  • cutting through a perfectly poached egg; the golden yellow yolk oozes everywhere and it’s pure joy!
  • Tweeting. want the world to know your most random thought instantaneously? sure! I am obsessed. 
  • a blow-dry that lasts days
  • colour block fashion
  • that first ‘aaaaah‘ sip of a great coffee
  • blueberries; my fave low-cal snack 
  • finding my running groove; falling into that comfortable pace where there’s no aches and you feel you could run for miles
  • lemongrass soap; smells so fresh & clean
  • lamb cutlets; my current Sunday night dinner obsession
  • Harley after a bath; he’s so fluffy and happy and he smells divine. And when he just hangs out happily 
  • the fact that Jay won’t eat anyone else’s cooking because “only one woman feeds me”!
  • my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tab (best birthday pressie ever from hubby) 
  • fresh flowers on a Friday

    Friday flowers
  • the download fairies that work their magic while I’m sleeping
  • Dinner Club with the Jacksons; we’re approaching our 22nd monthly dinner
  • doggie play dates; I just met a new neighbour Dr Sophie who has a little 4 mnth old poodle-x named Pheonix. This Sunday Harley & Pheonix are going to have a play date!
  • Jay’s handyman skills
  • drinking out of the bottle straight out of the fridge. It’s naughty and I’m an adult so I get to do it!!! (doesn’t stop Jay telling me to get a glass though!) 
  • Glee. it is as it reads and I smile all the way through the episodes
  • the petrol fairies that sometimes strike and fill the tank before I run out 🙂
  • the fact that there’s no sleeps til I see Twilight Breaking Dawn Pt1 (tonight in GoldClass)! Bella & Edward GET IT ON! 
  • Singing the Muppets Theme song 

4 thoughts on “22 things that make me happy

  1. I have things to say!

    1) Runny eggs make me gag!
    2) ‘That first ‘aaaaah‘ sip of a great coffee’ is really one of the best feelings in the world. Just reading that phrase made me want to have one of those ‘aaaaahs’.
    3) I love anything lemongrass too. And lemon myrtle. It’s great to enjoy natural smells.
    4) I love Jay’s quote – that is sooo cute!
    5) The flowers are beautiful. What are they? I’m hopeless with flower names.
    6) I’m glad you love dinner club. We do too. Does Jay? Should we do it again next year?
    7) What a gorgeous bottle that is 🙂

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