12wbt week 8 in review

Week 8 (last week) is mini milestone week! And at the end of this week I’ll be 2/3’s of the way through the program!

This is the second time since starting on the program that I am testing my fitness to check my progress against my starting baseline.

To recap, this is what my fitness test entails:

– 1km time trial
– sit up strength test (1 to 5 on a difficulty scale)
– amount of push ups (on my toes and/or knees) in 1 minute
– timed wall sit
– reach test

Apart from the weight loss & the lovely, but ultimately expensive realisation that my clothes are almost too big for me to wear, the best result so far is my ability to run. I was a really good swimmer in high school (regional & state championships) but I was never a good runner. I’ve always been envious of people who go out for a 10km run, and so I made it one of my health & fitness goals; at 3 months I wanted to run 1km without stopping. Today I can almost do 2kms without stopping. Actually, that’s going to be my next goal in a couple of weeks time – 2km without stopping!

Despite my fitness achievements so far, I am still struggling with my food cravings – in particular lolly cravings. On Sunday I completely cave and have a mini sugar binge….not my finest moment. I eat a Bubble O’Bill icecream and 6 red frogs.  After my sugar high subsides, the guilt sets in and I make myself re-read my 12WBT starting goals and watch the last few videos from Mish Bridges.

I just need to remind myself; slow & steady and consistency is key



sometimes a girl needs a little chemicals with her caffeine...
lunch: chicken rice paper rolls
Dinner: tomato & feta pizza w olives & rocket


It’s outdoor running day! Still on the intervals, but the running portion is between 500m and 1000m. I do a total of 4.5kms.

calories expended



breakfast: soy-linseed toast w baked beans & spinach
coffee: skim flat white
Cheeky Charlie's Bunless Burger

When I mention burgers for dinner, Jay asks me if we’re having chicken ones. “No, they’re bun-less too. By someone named ‘Cheeky Charlie’.” He replies, “So what you’re saying is we’re having ‘Cheeky Charlie’s chicken-less, bun-less burgers”? Technically that’s true.


Pump class with Jay & Janine. Janine is also doing really well on her 12WBT, although she’s more shy about telling the world about it, unlike moi.

Tuesday calorie expenditure



I had the shittiest 12 hour day at work so by the time I got home the last thing I wanted to do was cook. We walked to a local cafe with Harley, sat outside with a glass of wine & ate yummy food. I made a fairly good choice.

grilled chicken breast with proscuitto & haloumi


It’s super hot and I when I get home with a wet dog (from swimming in the harbour) Jay asks if I’ve been swimming too. I look like my desk-buddy Phil who runs so hard that he returns red faced & dripping with sweat (and always threatening to give me a sweaty hug!); I am literally dripping and I feel like I’ve achieved something. I think it’s called a ‘runners high‘!



OK it doesn’t look healthy, and in fact it isn’t, but it’s not too bad in calories and I’m in a rush & don’t have any time to make brekkie after I return from the gym and have to get to an early meeting.

McDonalds Sausage McMuffin (277 calories)

I have a medium garden salad for lunch and it’s Dinner Club that night. We go for dinner with the Jacksons at Morena. You can see the pics and read my review here.


It’s Pump class and Richard, my Saturday morning Body Combat instructor is taking the Thursday morning Pump class now that Bettina is on holidays. He’s so funny – there is a lot of toilet humour – and he’s hard core.

Thursday calorie expenditure



Friday lunch: Salad
Dinner: Not So Naughty Nachos


I miss my Body Balance class as I’m working late and I don’t get any exercise in today. Boo. Naughty Melly.



I never eat before I work out. Today’s mammoth SSS session is no exception. But I am starving after …

Brunch - rice cakes with ham, tomato & spinach
Afternoon snack: pretzel & beer

It’s such a nice warm pre-summer Sydney day, so Jay and I head down to Tommy’s Beer Cafe for a late afternoon beer in the sun.

Dinner: Thai Beef Salad

Then we make it over to our favourite Thai establishment (Thai Space in Glebe) for a cheap meal.

Jay & Melly out for dinner


We get up at 7am to get the Fitness Test completed before we head to the gym to do more cardio and then Body Combat class.



I forgot to track my food this day. All I have a picture of is the left-overs of Ginger Prawns for dinner. Of course then there’s my little sugar binge…

Dinner: Ginger & Tamarind Prawns


Walk with Jay & Harley.

Overall weekly stats:

My bastard Polar is still trying to sabotage me!


Total Hours Exercising: 6.5
Total Calories Expended: 3268
Week’s Weight Loss: 2kgs
Total Distance: 16.5kms (clocked) + 3km (unclocked)


6 thoughts on “12wbt week 8 in review

  1. I hope other folks consider your post listed here as helpful as I have. I manage a blog site myself and would be delighted for you or the visitors on your web site to visit. Please feel free to look through my website like I have with your own and post a remark or two if you find anything interesting. Thanks again.

  2. Again, congrats on taking the bull on the horns. (You make me feel so guilty–I haven’t been to the gym in two weeks!) I like that you’re still letting yourself live: that beer on Saturday looked great. Monday’s healthy pizza looked good, too, by the way. I like that you refer to arugula as rocket. We just call it arugula in the states. The teenage headbanger in me likes rocket better.

    1. You are a total rocker!
      Yeah, in Oz its rarely called arugula (only when restaurants want to sound pretentious!). There’s actually a little salad bar at Jay’s work called ‘Rocket’ and they’re logo is a little cartoon rocket ship. Its very cute!
      Im of German origin so trying to keep me away from beer & pretzels is impossible 😉

    1. hey!!! the dots are connected! I follow you on twitter 🙂 (m3lly78) will check out your other recipes – & thx for the cooking inspiration so far! 😉

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