rockin’ out with DJ JimSmiff

DJ JimSmiff Tech House Beats Vol1

DJ JS is my buddy from work. Not only is he a kick-arse Cisco engineer, he’s a rad DJ. There’s a good possibility that he’ll kill me for nicking his photos from Facebook, but anyway…it’s all in good fun!

at work on his decks
there's the smile!

Click on the link at the top of the post to hear one of his DJ house sets.

3 thoughts on “rockin’ out with DJ JimSmiff

  1. Listening to this right now. Cool stuff. I envy people who can really mix. I DJ at a local university radio station now and again, but I do so pretty straight-forwardly.

    1. oh really?! that is super cool. you should blog about it….”day in the life of a uni DJ” complete with your set lists.
      that also explains your diverse taste in music! (PS – Bijork’s new album is on the top of my purchase list)

      1. I’ve only heard a few songs from her new album. Let me know what you think…or, rather, post your review. I heard that at the last minute she remixed the whole thing because the music, originally to be downloaded from this weird app thing, sounded thin or something. So I recently did an Icelandic-themed radio show; maybe I’ll blog (blah! ugh!) about that.

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