Harley’s been butchered

It’s approaching summer here and Harley’s favourite activity during our daily walks (apart from looking for sticks, licking other dogs and chasing every bird he can see) is swimming in the harbour.

I would never deny my little puppy of this great joy, but it adds another 15 minutes to my morning as I have to wash the salt off him in the shower, get rid of the burrs and sticks embedded in his fur and then dry him off, so with all the time saving in mind, I dropped Harley off at the groomers for a haircut last week.

My instruction to the groomers at ‘Pets on the Point‘ in Glebe was “short but not too short. You know, a little shorter than the usual.” When I picked him up 4 hours later I almost cried. Gone was my fluffy teddy bear. In his place was a skinny black rat looking thing!  They SHAVED him all over.

Dog owners are generally really fussy and particular about the way in which their dog’s hair is cut. I am certainly no different. Especially when I’m paying sixty-five dollars for it (a whole other story as I was quoted $49).

There is really just one hyphenated word to describe these butchers.


teddy bear Harley
fluffy Harley
Harley the fluffball
fluffy monster


Harley after
skinnyhead Harley
Harley with no fur
even he's depressed with the new cut

He seriously looks like a different dog. He looks like Falcor from The Never Ending Story.

I guess there’s a chance that I’m being overly dramatic about it all. At least it’s only hair and it will grow back!

But moral of the story is don’t take your dog to Pets on the Point in Glebe. They are over-charging bastards without a grooming clue.

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Mel @thisismelly lives a life of adventure, gets lost in farmer’s markets, regularly indulges in movies, loves to whip up gourmet meals in the kitchen, swears that one day she will learn to speak French properly, adores candles and fresh flowers, married her high school sweetheart, visited 19 countries and counting, fears an apocalyptic rage-virus, regularly spoils her cavoodle Harley, loves walking along the harbour, is decorated with ink, muddles her right & left, seasonally switches between blonde and brunette, has soul-mates, favours painted nails & dangly earrings, always orders the 'plateau de fromages', is obsessed with British or Scandinavian crime fiction, detests creepy-crawlies & people who take too long to order coffee, gives terrible directions, makes up crazy dances for her devilishly handsome husband, believes in good, would always be dressed in Saint Laurent, Gucci & Chloe if she could, adores Tex-Mex & Japanese, loves the smell of rain & evening jasmine, may be addicted to Instagram&Pinterest, is always on the hunt for a really good macchiato, is James Taylor’s biggest fan, gets rowdy with tequila, dreams every night, takes pickles, jalapeños & dried fruit for movie snacks, would hate a world without French champagne, adores Pantone 1765, almost always wishes she was lying on the sand in the sun, is an inconsistent Paleo convert and although she is a hopeless Francophile she will forever be smitten with Sydney.

5 thoughts on “Harley’s been butchered

  1. He doesn’t look that bad…well, at least when he’s lying about. Never fear, it’ll definitely grow out and probably rather quickly. In the meantime, give that skinny thing something to eat to fill out his form! :p

    1. haha! that’s the problem…he is the biggest non-eater dog you’ll ever meet! he is completely not food focused. we’ve taken him to the vet numerous times about it and he’s tried so many different types of food. He eats like a bloody king! (people-grade mince and French kibble!) so he’s still on all the puppy food even though he’s technically not a puppy anymore….the only thing he wolfs down is roast chicken, and if you give that to him more than a few meals in a row he refuses to eat it! damn fussy animal! we’re always threatening that he wont survive in the wild 😉

  2. Mwahahahaha…. At least they left his head in a recognisable state. When Pippin gets a severe haircut, his head is so small and funny looking, he could go into the Witness Protection program.

  3. Oh My goodness I’m so glad I saw this post, I was searching for reasons my shaved Cavapoo looks like a rat and even considered it wasn’t my dog when I went to pick him up. Absolutely gutted, hes shaved to the bone and as he is just skin and bone under all his fluff, he looks malnourished. So upsetting to see my teddy bear look like a rat but still lovely personality and bundle of fun. how long did it take to grow back 😦

    1. Hi Jan! It didnt take long to grow back; after about 2 weeks they settle into their new fur and it grows a little so they dont look so malnourished!!! I actually dont mind the cut now, especially for the Australian summer where Harley swims in the ocean and runs around the park which tends to make his fur knotty with matting and burs.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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