12WBT week 7 | review

Feeling renewed & invigorated from my tough week 6 and wanting to smash it out so that I could get back on track (with my food) and so that there would be significant weight loss, I really hit week 7 with gusto.

And it paid off.

2kg loss (that’s 4.4lbs for my American friends)!

Here’s how the 24th – 30th October went…



Gluten-free muesli with strawberries

This isn’t my most favourite breakfast ever. More because I was hungry about 1 hour later (rather than anything to do with the taste, which was OK).

Salmon stir-fry with broccolini and ginger

OMG! This is the best stir-fry I’ve ever eaten (& I’ve eaten a lot of stir-fries…). The salmon just makes it wonderful! I’m definitely going to make this again.


Morning outdoor fitness session with my buddy Harley (aka my dog); 4.5km interval running with walking. Followed by stretching.

Monday's calorie expenditure



wholegrain toast with avocado & ham
Chicken with herbed yogurt & salad


Pump class at the gym of course! The instructor on Tuesday is Lisa and she’s starting to annoy me. Her form is poor and her body needs work. When I’m working out and following an instructor, I want to see  someone with an insane body that I want to inspire to be like! I don’t want to see someone who’s weights I’m matching and who looks untoned and pudgy. I know that sounds super bitchy, but it’s the truth. Especially about the poor form. Her sets are too quick and her squats aren’t correct. It’s funny to hear Jay’s gasps of disgust at her form.

But don’t get me wrong, I still love Pump class.

Tuesday calorie expenditure



Brekkie burrito

Oooooh yum! I created a monster here! 343 calories of breakfast heaven. Low-fat tortilla, scrambled eggs made of 2 egg whites, 50g ham, handful of spinach & splash of hot sauce.

lunch - veggies


Big run outdoors with Jay & Harley!

Wednesday calorie expenditure



Dinner: Beef tortillas with tomato & corn salsa


Pump class; the last with Bettina until she gets back from Europe in February. Although Richard is taking over & he is awesome! I put all my weights up, tweeted about it and Mish retweeted me!



Cafe meal: chicken & potato salad

Lunch with the project team at the Belgian Bier Cafe. Chicken & potato salad was a much better choice than the giant chicken schnitzel that I really wanted 😉

Not-so-naughty nachos

A love affair is created with this dish. The yummiest, guilt-free nachos! Only 1 tbs cheese and the “corn chips” are made from wholemeal pita bread. The meat is mixed with lentils to bulk it out low-cal style. Yum!


Body Balance class at the gym after work. It’s such a nice wind-down class to the end of the week. It’s actually challenging but it’s stretching & toning and really enjoyable.



Saturday brunch - left over nachos

For my Saturday treat meal, I had a burger from the take-away (plain, with salad no cheese or bacon) and half a serve of small chips. Quite controlled for an indulgence.


My favourite workout of the week – Super Saturday Session where I have to burn 1000 calories! I do Pump Class followed by Body Combat. Hectic.

SSS calorie expenditure



Cafe meal: poached eggs with avocado, ham & hash

I wrote a review about this meal here.

Dinner: Lamb with minted peas, spinach & goats feta

I posted this recipe here.


Rest day!!!!


Weekly Polar summary

Total calories expended: 2835
Total workout sessions: 6
Total duration: 5.5 hours
Total weight loss: 2kgs

2 thoughts on “12WBT week 7 | review

  1. Nice work Melly! 2kgs loss is fan-bloody-tastic!

    You’re inspiring me too. Only 6 weeks until Christmas so I better get a move on 🙂

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