Baffi & Mo | cafe review

When it comes to food, I like variety. I love trying new cuisines, new cafes & restaurants and when dining at the same place, I always try something different from the menu, especially for breakfast (unlike my husband who always has the Big Breakfast with scrambled eggs).

So after reading about Baffi & Mo in Redfern on Sydney food-blogger The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry, I booked Jay in to visit for brunch on Sunday.

It was no easy feat getting my husband there. He basically whined the entire 7 minute drive and the virility of his whinge was directly proportionate to the distance we put between ourselves and FFF (our usual weekend brekkie cafe)!

But get him there I did.

wall art

”]”]Three words Jay loves; All Day Breakfast. It’s 1pm, but still, it’s brunch time! From the menu there looks to be so many good options….the waitress comes over three times before we’re ready!


Jay orders The Big Breakfast which comes with potato hash, bacon, eggs “your way” (that’s scrambled for him), sausage, roasted tomato & mushrooms.

The Big Breakfast $22

He doesn’t like the Hash, which tastes like it was made a few hours ago and the mushrooms still have their whole stalk which are chewy. He likes the eggs, bacon and sourdough toast.

I order the Potato hash stack with double-smoked ham, avocado, fresh tomato, asparagus and lemon dressed rocked topped with a poached egg.

Potato Hash stack with ham, avocado & Poached egg $14

I like everything except the Potato Hash. Again, it tastes as if it was cooked in the morning and left out. It’s basically rock hard. But the egg, salad & ham are nice and the lemon dressing is just zesty enough for my tastes.

We both have hot drinks (soy chai latte for Jay & long black for me) and they are good.


Rating: 2/5 stars
Atmosphere: relaxed, mostly 20/30’s crowd, dog friendly outside
Price: expensive for breakfast and value for money. Not very impressed with the pricing.
Service: friendly & attentive

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