12WBT | week 10 in review

It’s week 10 and I’m doing fantastically with my running. Apart from Tuesday’s Pump session, I run every day. I think I over did it a little because I’m so tight and sore from not stretching enough (I didn’t attend Friday’s Body Balance because I run in the morning instead). I take Thursday as myContinue reading “12WBT | week 10 in review”

12WBT | week 9 in review

In Week 9 I officially hit the last third of 12WBT Round 3 for 2011! This week, what got me thinking were some words from Sophie Dahl (the English author, cook & model). Janine bought me her cook book Miss Dahl’s Voluptuous Delights for my birthday & I think she’s absolutely fabulous (both Janine & MissContinue reading “12WBT | week 9 in review”

Mummy, santa-fest & good food

This weekend my Mum & stepdad came to stay. Its Mums birthday next weekend but she’ll be spending it elsewhere so we had a nice premature celebration together in Sydney. Here are my favourite highlights from the weekend; · Friday afternoon drinks at a seeminly dodgy pub in Circular Quay that turned out not soContinue reading “Mummy, santa-fest & good food”

thanksgiving | 11 things Im thankful for

My BFF Gracie lived in the States on a couple of occasions over the past 20 years and her favourite American holiday is Thanksgiving. She’s tried to implement a Thanksgiving here at home, much to my lamented cries of “We’re not American, we shouldn’t celebrate their holidays!” This year in the lead up to Thanksgiving,Continue reading “thanksgiving | 11 things Im thankful for”

what’s on the box

Recently in response to a [post] where I reminisced about a 90’s band Color Me Badd, my blogging friend [visit his blog here] mentioned that the States don’t get any Aussie TV shows. That really doesn’t surprise me, considering the plethora of television shows in the US, but it is sad because if you haven’t visited Australia orContinue reading “what’s on the box”

22 things that make me happy

cutting through a perfectly poached egg; the golden yellow yolk oozes everywhere and it’s pure joy! Tweeting. want the world to know your most random thought instantaneously? sure! I am obsessed.  a blow-dry that lasts days colour block fashion that first ‘aaaaah‘ sip of a great coffee blueberries; my fave low-cal snack  finding my runningContinue reading “22 things that make me happy”