12WBT | week 6 review

I’ve been so busy of late that I haven’t even had time to update week 6’s review. And now I’m almost at the end of week 7!

My Week 6 was by far the most challenging. It was my birthday. And like most birthdays there were drinks, food, more drinks and more food! However, I didn’t let my exercise slide and although I went over my daily calories from Wednesday – Saturday, the effort actually paid off on the scales!

Here is my week in review:



Monday brekkie

The turning of the weather means that mangoes are out!!!
Untoasted Muesli with Mango

Monday dinner - Thai Pad See Ew Beef

Exercise: Lunchtime gym session; cardio blast with bike, rower, Xtrainer & treadmill. Running on the treadmill is so much easier than outdoors!

Monday calorie summary



Tuesday brekkie

still obsessed with mangoes & muesli!

Sushi for lunch….

Exercise: BodyPump class at the gym in the morning.

Tuesday calorie summary



Wednesday lunch - fruit salad

Wednesday night was pre-birthday drinks with friends from work. What was planned as 1 or 2 drinks turned into an epic night that I paid for the next day with a hangover. On my birthday.



Thursday lunch - edemame beans
pre dinner cocktail
pork & cauliflower mash at Quay
Quay's Jackfruit Snow Egg

Jay took me to Quay for dinner. The food was amazing. Especially the Jackfruit Snow Egg which I proclaimed as my all time most favourite dessert! To say my calories were out the window would be an understatement…

Exercise: due to my gigantic hangover, and the fact that it was my birthday, I choose Thursday as my rest day.



Straight back on track.

Friday lunch - rice cakes with salad
Friday dinner - steak & lentil salad


Friday night BodyBalance class.

Friday calorie summary



Saturday brunch

At our fave cafe for Saturday brunch. I had poached eggs, with mushrooms & spinach and brown toast.


My SSS session was with Bondi Rescue Lifeguard Reidy at Shift60 gym in Bondi. It was pretty awesome and a real challenge. You can read about that session HERE.

Saturday calorie summary
Saturday workout intensity - almost a whole hour in zone3!!!


Food: I totally forgot to take any pics of my food on Sunday!

Exercise: Harley & I went for a good 40 min walk/run & I used my new GPS for the first time (thanks Mum)!

My Polar Weekly Summary

Sessions: 6
Total workout time: 6 hours 12 mins
Total calories spent: 3220
Week’s weight loss: 2kg  (total of 8.3kg to date!)
more on 12WBT here 


WHATEVER Polar!!!!


2 thoughts on “12WBT | week 6 review

  1. I seriously should NEVER look at your blog posts when I’m hungry (cos now I’m famished!!!). I’m constantly amazed at how good your meals look (or how good the photos of the meals look)… plus of course you’re keeping the exercise up.

    Well done!

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