a third of a century

I turned 33 yesterday & it was an epic celebration!

The night before, a quiet drink after work with the girls turned into a seven hour alco-thon with me & the guys left standing (barely) at the end of the night. I managed to avoid tuning into a pumpkin by getting home at 11:45pm. 

the first (of many) glasses of vino
Odyssey cheese plate
Tim, James, Mel & Rob

My 33rd birthday was spent with a rude reminder of why I don’t get drunk very often! Vomitous wretching followed by a throbbing headache & a strange sense that I may pass-out from alcohol poisoning at any moment….that was all before 9am. 

Harley lying in the birthday wrapping paper he shredded!
Leunig wrapping paper!

Jay’s pressie hasn’t arrived yet (snail mail…) so I opened my pressie from my Mum – a Polar GPS to hook into my Polar heart rate monitor!!! Now I can track my distance! My girlfriend Tam got me a personalised signed copy of a book ‘Brinn; War in her Veins’ from the author Jotham Kingston! Mandy & Neen’s pressies are on the way. 

Polar GPS
signed by author!

Considering the epic weekend Jay had last week, it was nice that he wasn’t upset with me that I crawled into bed in the wee hours of my birthday! But he did think it was funny that I was in such a mess & was worried that I wouldn’t recover in time for our momentous dinner reservation at Quay in the evening.

The super luck department had it in for me though, as Tim & I had a concall with a customer in Hong Kong where we kept getting kicked off the conference bridge and had random bursts of uncontrollable laughter over the silliest things. I think we may have still been drunk.

a pressie of chocolate from a PM colleague James

One of my team members James left a nice surprise on my desk! Chocolate. I ate 5 squares of the Cadbury Crunchy. All I kept thinking is Michelle Bridges would be disappointed. 

edemame for lunch

I left work and went and ate at the Broadway Sushi Train for lunch. I made the brilliant discovery that edemame is a fantastic hangover cure!

I bought myself this bright orange/pink skirt from Sportsgirl
Sportsgirl Luxe Maxi Skirt

I went to see my hairdresser Elly at Stevie English for a fringe trim & birthday blowdry (for free!!!).

birthday blowdry

Then I picked up Harley from doggy daycare and Jay from work and we got ready to go out for a fabulous dinner! 

Quay Restaurant
Quay main dining room - day view. Source: news.com.au

The view is amazing. I’m going to write a separate post on the food, it really deserves it! But I did have the most amazing dessert I’ve ever eaten in my life; the Jackfruit Snow Egg

Jackfruit Snow Egg
Jay at Quay
Melly at Quay
Happy Birthday from Quay!

So, as you can see I did have a very eventful birthday. A little too much drinking, a nice reminder that I really am too old for drunken late nights on a school night, but really a nice day where friends & family made me feel special and I forgot I was on a healthy clean diet…for a day & a night…

Here’s to the next third of a century!