12wbt | week 5 review

Week 5 was hectic!  I had so many early mornings at work that it threw my morning training plan into chaos. But I still powered through and trained every.single.day.



Monday dinner - Chicken Burger w homemade potato wedges


Monday calorie expenditure

I headed to the gym at lunchtime for a killer “Mish Bridges” training special! TABATA is my worst nightmare but it’s so effective!




Tuesday morning Pump class with Jay, Ian & Janine rocked! I love this class!

Tuesday calorie expenditure



Wednesday lunch: salmon & salad wrap
Wednesday dinner: Chargrilled steak with avocado, white bean & corn salsa


5.45pm BodyCombat class was so hard at one point I actually thought I would throw-up! Working out in the evening is much harder than first thing in the morning.

Wednesday calorie expenditure!



Thursday dinner: Peri-peri grilled chicken with roast sweet potato & salad


I gave up after work drinks to hit the 5.45pm Pump class (how’s that for commitment!). The instructor Tatiana….whoa mumma, she is smoking hot! If there was ever an instructor who could single-handedly inspire you to push yourself, it’s this little Russian hottie!

Thursday calorie expenditure



Friday dinner: Chargrilled steak with avocado, white bean & corn salsa

I drove up to Mum’s after work and made dinner for the family….they loved it (except Step-bro Chris who whinged about the white beans…)!

Exercise: I decided to have Friday as my rest day (instead of Sunday).



Slightly over my 1200 daily calorie quota for the day (1390), as I ate every meal out. But damn it was all good!


I went to the little Salamander Bay gym near Mum’s place and did a 7am Spin (just like RPM) class for the first time. Holy shit! It was hectic. Then backed it up with a Pump class at 8.30am. SSS done!

Saturday SSS calorie expenditure! Rocked it!



Sunday dinner: Thai pad se ew with beef


Gracie & I took the dogs on a long power walk. It was sooooo nice to exercise in the sun with my best friend!

Sunday calorie expenditure


my Polar weekly exercise & calorie summary

Total Calories Burned: 3883
Total Time Spent on Exercise: 6.5 hours
Weekly weight loss: no change

To finish off I’m going to quote my husband’s man-crush….
The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson; 


“Be not afraid of greatness…” Today – be greater than your competition.
– via Twitter

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