rolador | cafe review

I had a fabulous weekend up around my childhood hometown; Newcastle.

My BFF Gracie lives in Wickham which is a suburb of ‘Newy’ and after an intense few hours of wedding dress shopping (for her May 2012 nuptials to the fabulous Robert), the bride-to-be, Trina & I stopped into Rolador on Beaumont St Hamilton for a late lunch.

The Wickham end of Beaumont St is still a little un-gentrified, but what they lack in a pretty village feel, they make up for in great coffee haunts, quirky cafes and decent pubs that all feel a little industrial, eclectic and decidedly Novocastrian. Rolador is just that.

pic via Caravan Handmade's Photostream on Flickr

It’s interior is funkified urban art meets industrial edge. The waiters are young, tattooed & pierced and they play funky old school music and make fresh, wholesome but simple food.

wall art

They do all-day breakfast, so even though it’s 2pm, Trina the expectant-Mum-to-be indulges her egg-cravings and orders The Rolador Big Breakfast which surprisingly doesn’t come with eggs! But she orders those scrambled on the side, with sourdough toast, avocado, grilled haloumi cheese, mushrooms & spinach.

The Big Brekkie

Gracie goes for one of their lunch specialties; the chicken burrito, which she orders with her first of 3 coffees for the day (!) and a icy fresh juice. The burrito is served with avocado & salsa and I must admit I’m a little jealous; it looks divine!

Chicken Burrito

I order something on the light side; the Haloumi salad with poached chicken. It’s filled with rocket, cucumber, char-grilled capsicum and the most delicious little soybeans which are little heavenly bursts of joy when you eat them! It’s also tossed with a light vinaigrette which has a hint of sour (lime?) and sweet (orange juice?). I also have an espresso (first try of Di Bella coffee beans and it’s good) and a Lychee, Apple & Mint icy. Yum!

Haloumi & Poached Chicken Salad
Lychee, Apple & Mint icy
Rolador Beaumont St Entrance

Rolador | 1 Beaumont St, Hamilton NSW 2303 |  02 4969 1786