12WBT | week four

Michelle Bridges says “Losing weight is a science. Keeping it off is a psychology.”

You can get a handle on the weight loss; burn & expend more calories than you take in. But the psychology of weight loss can take years to master. Apparently it’s quite common around this point in the Transformation for people to revert back to old habits. But as Mish says, you should treat your willpower like a muscle; it toughens up and gains strength the more you use it. It’s important to celebrate each little willpower win; you know, like a fist-pump or a little internal congratulations!

So with that in mind I had several little willpower wins this week while I was struggling with lolly & chocolate cravings. I didn’t cave in, instead I drank a glass of water and had some fruit. A BIG win for me! HUGE! I’m changing and most importantly I’m creating healthy eating habits so that I don’t always need to draw on my willpower. It becomes second nature or as Mish likes to call it Robot-Mode.

One of Michelle’s other 12WBT’ers is Andrew Reid who is otherwise known as Reidy the Bondi Lifeguard (also from Bondi Rescue). He has a blog where he is documenting his 12WBT journey. He’s pretty damn funny and some of the stuff he gets up to is hilarious (ie Pole Dancing!) but seriously he is inspirational and considering it seems to be primarily women doing Mish’s program it’s nice to see a guy’s view on it all. Anyway, I entered a competition to win a work-out session with him at a gym called Shift60 and I won! So I’m looking forward to working out with him soon!

Down to my weekly round up



Love love love the breakfast berry bruschetta! Monday was a public holiday so we went to the movies. I took my own air-popped popcorn so that I wouldn’t eat the calorie-laden movie popcorn! Indulged a little with Nando’s for dinner, but surprisingly it’s actually pretty manageable in terms of take-away.

Exercise: Having the day off allowed Jay & I to do a big workout at the gym. Did rowing, treadmill, weights & core. Walked Harley in the afternoon.



Exercise:Pump class! With Jay, Janine & Ian. I love it so much I’m smiling all the way through like a total doofus!

Tuesday workout summary



Exercise:Outdoor session with Jay, Neen, Ian & of course our little monster Harley. Back running intervals because my shin splints are a lot better. Do some serious boxing, skipping, core & push-ups.

Wednesday workout summary


Food:  Oh my goodness, this Thai Chicken Burger is amazing! So delicious!

Exercise: morning Pump class. I am sore from putting my weights up on Tuesday. I discovered that I had incorrect form when doing my ‘clean&press’ lift and am paying for it with a sore lower back. Still love the Pump though!!!


Food:  Lunch with my BFF! We both had salads and she told me she was so proud of my progress! She is my very own personal Cheerios cheerleader!

Exercise: BodyBalance class at the gym. I still struggle with the poses in this class and find it really challenging, but I do love it.



Exercise: Smashed SSS (super saturday session) today! It’s week 4 so time for a repeat of the fitness test to see how I’m progressing.

  • 1Km time trial: 7 mins 20 seconds. That’s 55 seconds faster than 4 weeks ago!
  • Push-ups:  42 in 1 minute. That’s 14 more than 4 weeks ago!
  • Sit-ups: still on level 3 of 5. Same as 4 weeks ago.
  • Wall Sit: 2 mins 5 seconds. That’s 1:08 better than 4 weeks ago!
  • Reach: 13cm – still the same as 4 weeks ago.
Jay, Harley & I did the 1km run, then Jay & I went to the gym where I did another 3kms on the treadmill, spent some time on the Xtrainer and Rowing machine and did core strengthening. Michelle wanted us to do something to demonstrate how far we’d come in 4 weeks. I did 60 sit-ups with a 5kg plate and then did a full plank for 40 seconds. 4 weeks ago I couldn’t even do a full plank!!! I’m thrilled with my progress. 

Saturday workout summary - smashed 1000 calories!



Today was the first pasta I’ve had in 4 weeks and it was divine! The marinara mix was good (calamari, salmon, white fish, prawns & mussels – no seafood extender here!!!) and with the fresh chilli, lemon & burst of green parsley it was just delicious.

Exercise:rest day! But we did walk Harley in the dog park.

week's Polar summary

Weigh-in: Now, it’s been getting a little difficult to keep track of my weight by weighing in 2 times a week (once on Sunday for my blog & once on Wednesday as my program calls for it) so I’m just going to update my Weight Tracker (as seen on the right of my blog page) on a Wednesday.

Til next week…..eat lean & train mean!