the stuff up & the review

The Situation

Last Sunday was Jay & my sixth wedding anniversary.

It was also a wonderfully long weekend; with a day off work on Friday and a public holiday (thanks Queen Elizabeth!) on Monday.

The Drama

I love festivals and Jay & I have done a few things as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival (run from Sept-Oct each year). As it happens, on our anniversary a NYC jazz pianist David Raleigh was playing a club in Newtown. I got tickets for us which meant that our celebration wouldn’t be all about going out for dinner. We were going to grab a quick (& healthy) bite to eat before seeing some soulful jazz piano. I had the whole night planned out in my head….it would be an intimate and dark jazz club with a cool little bar and small round tables where we’d cozily sit, drink a nice glass of red & groove the night away to celebrate our six wonderful years together.

Sounds delightful right?!

Well, we got to the Enmore Theatre and it’s closed. Being a little early for the 7pm session we had a drink at a nearby pub to wait. 6.30pm came, club still closed. 7pm came, club still closed. It’s a Sunday evening the day before a public holiday so there is no-one to call, although I did call the event organizers and left a message. At ten-past seven we gave up and went to find a place for dinner…

The Dinner

We’ve been to Baja Cantina before. On that occasion it was so packed & raucous that I didn’t really get a chance to take notice of the food because my dinner partners & I were trying to yell over the ambient noise just to have a conversation!

A quick check and they do BYO and we’ve got a killer bottle of Shiraz; 2006 Grant Burge Filsell from the Barossa. The rain has set in but inside Baja Cantina it’s nice and warm and cozy; busy but not packed.

We share some house-made corn chips & salsa before our mains come out;

Enchirito for Jay, which is described as giant flour tortilla stuffed with rice, beans, cheese and salsa, smothered in enchilada sauce, Monterey Jack cheese and shredded beef.

It’s Fajitas for me! Marinated chicken with sautéed capsicum and onions, Served with salsa, cheese, crema, onions, lettuce, guacamole, rice & beans and corn tortillas. I steer clear and don’t touch any of the cheese or sour cream (go willpower!) and I only eat 2 tortillas! No 12WBT guilt at this table!

We go next door to San Churro for dessert.

We share a Citrus Tart which is deliciously orange-y!

And sip on Soy Chai Latte for Jay and Lemongrass Tea for me.

Although it wasn’t the night we had planned it was still a wonderful anniversary date night!

my baby Jay

The Stuff-up

Being the pragmatist, the next morning I jumped online to take a screen-shot of the Jazz event (date & time etc) so that I could email the event organizers to complain about the stuff-up. On the section that says Notes with the address of the venue I notice a hyperlink attached to the ‘Notes’. It turns out Notes is the name of the venue. It’s not at the Enmore Theater and I’m in the wrong! I took us to the wrong place!!!! The actual venue was 150m down the road and of course it was open and Dave Raleigh was playing his little jazz heart out there! Whoops…don’t I feel sheepish.

The Details

Baja Cantina | 43-45 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037

San Churro Chocolateria | 47 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037


2 thoughts on “the stuff up & the review

  1. At least the food was good! Congrats on your anniversary and your strong will power (in the other posts). I was not strong and ate too many biscuits and it made me very itchy.

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