12WBT round three | blogging challenge #two

The second topic in the 12WBT blogging challenge (created by Courage2Start) is A Picture of Health.

Question: To me, what is a picture of health?


Strong. Not skinny. That is my picture of health.

Maria Sharapova for Nike Women

I also think that by defining what is NOT my picture of health helps draw a picture of what I do consider ideal.

Yep, it’s not good….Skinny. No muscle tone. A woman who looks like she’s about to fall over. A women who couldn’t sustain a bear-hug, or a climb a tree, who only eats three grapes all day, or a girl who can’t open her own jars. This is NOT my idea of health!

this is NOT my picture of health
also NOT my picture of health
food? whats that?

That said, the opposite is also true….overly muscly or obese…

um, no thanks
where's their undies?

My view to health perfection isn’t just about the physical

  • Fitness is key; being able to run 5kms without stopping, having a strong core, being about to walk up a steep hill while bush-walking without having to stop half-way to rest to get your breath back, and feeling strong during a killer Pump class!  
  • Nutrition is essential; taking care of what you put in your body by eating good, natural food with little processed products.
  • Happiness is also high on my health list. Living in the moment, laughing, feeling apart of a family/group of friends/community.
  • Commitment; setting out to achieve something, whether its a hundred push-ups or a half-marathon, and nailing it. There is no better feeling than achieving your goals!
and of course
  • Looking hot with or without your clothes! These women are my inspiration!
Doutzen Kroes
abs of steel!
12WBT fearless leader Mish Bridges
lean machine!
So that, my friends, is my picture of health!

Published by thisismelly

Mel @thisismelly lives a life of adventure, gets lost in farmer’s markets, regularly indulges in movies, loves to whip up gourmet meals in the kitchen, swears that one day she will learn to speak French properly, adores candles and fresh flowers, married her high school sweetheart, visited 19 countries and counting, fears an apocalyptic rage-virus, regularly spoils her cavoodle Harley, loves walking along the harbour, is decorated with ink, muddles her right & left, seasonally switches between blonde and brunette, has soul-mates, favours painted nails & dangly earrings, always orders the 'plateau de fromages', is obsessed with British or Scandinavian crime fiction, detests creepy-crawlies & people who take too long to order coffee, gives terrible directions, makes up crazy dances for her devilishly handsome husband, believes in good, would always be dressed in Saint Laurent, Gucci & Chloe if she could, adores Tex-Mex & Japanese, loves the smell of rain & evening jasmine, may be addicted to Instagram&Pinterest, is always on the hunt for a really good macchiato, is James Taylor’s biggest fan, gets rowdy with tequila, dreams every night, takes pickles, jalapeños & dried fruit for movie snacks, would hate a world without French champagne, adores Pantone 1765, almost always wishes she was lying on the sand in the sun, is an inconsistent Paleo convert and although she is a hopeless Francophile she will forever be smitten with Sydney.

6 thoughts on “12WBT round three | blogging challenge #two

  1. Egad! Those extremely anorexic girls look like they’ve actually been hired to model. I heard it’s illegal to hire anorexic models in France–I had no idea it got so extreme, though. Crimony! An-y-way…good luck with all this. You’re making feel really guilty about having just eaten a lollypop and not having been to the gym in months.

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