12WBT | week 3

This week I struggled with my food cravings.

It’s that time of the month (sorry male friends for TMI!) and I just have insatiable sugar & junk food cravings. My old self would indulge in my cravings; big ole dirty burger and chips for dinner followed by icecream for dessert. And although I literally spent a good few of hours over several days trying not to think about these cravings (& mostly failing but only daydreaming) I didn’t cave. Instead I watched and re-watched Mish Bridges’ first video of the week – taming in the inner Labrador.

the inner Labrador

The inner Labrador is that fat little doggie that just sniffs around the kitchen looking for food even when the real hunger isn’t there. What she spoke about really resonated with me. Especially in the state of mind I was in. Mish gave some steps to help tame the cravings;
– knowing what is real hunger and what’s your head and old habits messing with you,
– distracting yourself so that you dont have time to think and obsess about food,
– drink a big glass of water or green tea (which is something my Mum was always telling me growing up)
– and just ‘ride the wave’ which is her terminology  for riding out the emotion until the craving passes which is usually within 15 minutes.

This truly helped me this week take a step in the right direction in helping to slash away at my emotional dependency on food.

Have I mentioned lately that Michelle Bridges is a frickin’ genius!?!

Now for the detail of my weekly round-up…



Monday food

This eggwhite omlette is delicious and low calorie. We have Sumo Salad for dinner at the shopping center where we see a movie. I decide that I should definitely steer clear of salad bars at the end of the day. It was pretty awful! I go over my calories for the day by 190 as I miscalculate.


While my darling hubby slept like a baby bird, Harley & I headed out to pound the pavement. And my shins. I have developed an unfortunate case of shin splints, something that I haven’t had since I played basketball when I was 18 years old. We did a big interval run; 45 minutes.



Tuesday food

Exercise:BodyPump class at the gym! The awesome foursome worked out together (Neen, Ian, Jay & I). I put my weights up this week! Feeling strong. Total muscle fatigue afterwards. Hell yeah!

Tuesday Pump burn!



Wednesday food

The Mediterranean chicken is delicious! Chicken thigh filet and veggies all roasted in one dish in the oven.

Exercise: Boxing in the park with Jay, Neen & Ian. Because of Neen & my shin splints, we did a walking warm up around the park but then went with intense boxing punctuated by squats, push-ups & basketball jumps. We finished off with sit-ups and stretching. 500+ cals reached so I’m still in my target zone without the running. Phew.



Thursday food

OMG I am obsessed with these scrambled eggs (made with 1 whole egg and another egg white) & smoked salmon. Yum! Dinner is a very low-fat version of Laksa made with Carnation Light & Creamy Coconut Flavoured Milk.

Exercise: BodyPump class with Bettina. She is so awesome and hardcore that I was laughing out loud with some of the stuff she screams for motivation. Unfortunately she’s going on a 3 month holiday so I won’t get to work through her class again until next year…. Started off the class being mega sore from Tuesday’s workout but kept my weights increased and felt strong.



Friday food

This was an awesome food day plus I had a day off work which made it even better! We ate lunch at our local cafe and they’re beginning to know that I’m eating differently and are very accommodating. I have a salad with 100g grilled chicken. Friday night dinner is becoming a regular; pita pizzas (vegetarian for me & the same with added ham for Jay).

Exercise: Friday is supposed to be my low-impact gentle exercise day and I usually do Body Balance at the gym in the evening, but because it’s the long weekend and I know I’ll be eating out a little more than usual so I use part of my day off work to do a 1.5 hour workout at the gym. I do a cardio circuit of bike / treadmill / rowing and then do upper body weights and core. Dammit I forget to wear my Polar to track my workout.



Saturday food

We go for Sushi Train and usually we’d have heaps of plates but I only have 3 and Jay has 5. I’m so proud we’re learning portion control! But I do miscalculate and go over my calories by 212.

Exercise:For SSS I go hard and do BodyPump class with my fave instructor Bettina and then go straight into BodyCombat. At the end of this 2 hour session my Polar puts my calorie burn at 969. But Michelle Bridges always says that you burn more calories throughout the day when you do BodyPump. And when we get home we take Harley for a walk to the park.

SSS burn!



Sunday food

It’s our 6th wedding anniversary and we go out for dinner at Baja Cantina Mexican restaurant in Glebe. It’s BYO and we take a special bottle of wine, Grant Burge Filsell 2006 Shiraz from the Barossa (because I haven’t drank for 3 weeks I am pretty tipsy after 2 glasses). I order chicken fajitas but don’t eat any of the sour-cream or cheese. It comes with 3 corn tortillas but I only eat 2. I am very proud of myself! For dessert we go next door to San Churros Chocolateria but neither of us have any chocolate. Jay has a soy chai latte and I have lemongrass tea and we share a citrus tart. It was a divine dinner without the guilt! Im sure Ive gone over my calorie quota but I expected it and planned well.

Exercise: its my rest day! Although after we get back from dinner we take Harley for a night time walk down to the park.


Week weightloss: 1.2kgs
Total calories burnt (exercise): 3546 calories
Total hours spent exercising: 7.5 hours

thanks for stopping by, til my next fitness round-up…

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Mel @thisismelly lives a life of adventure, gets lost in farmer’s markets, regularly indulges in movies, loves to whip up gourmet meals in the kitchen, swears that one day she will learn to speak French properly, adores candles and fresh flowers, married her high school sweetheart, visited 19 countries and counting, fears an apocalyptic rage-virus, regularly spoils her cavoodle Harley, loves walking along the harbour, is decorated with ink, muddles her right & left, seasonally switches between blonde and brunette, has soul-mates, favours painted nails & dangly earrings, always orders the 'plateau de fromages', is obsessed with British or Scandinavian crime fiction, detests creepy-crawlies & people who take too long to order coffee, gives terrible directions, makes up crazy dances for her devilishly handsome husband, believes in good, would always be dressed in Saint Laurent, Gucci & Chloe if she could, adores Tex-Mex & Japanese, loves the smell of rain & evening jasmine, may be addicted to Instagram&Pinterest, is always on the hunt for a really good macchiato, is James Taylor’s biggest fan, gets rowdy with tequila, dreams every night, takes pickles, jalapeños & dried fruit for movie snacks, would hate a world without French champagne, adores Pantone 1765, almost always wishes she was lying on the sand in the sun, is an inconsistent Paleo convert and although she is a hopeless Francophile she will forever be smitten with Sydney.

7 thoughts on “12WBT | week 3

  1. Good on you Melly, you’re doing so well and I’m super proud of you! I have only now just finished Saturday’s super session, two days late and my freaking shin splints are back! I thought they had left me for good. I went to the gym and found that the treadmill and the bike were both really hurting my shins but the cross trainer didn’t so I went hard on that 🙂

    I’ve got a bit off track these last couple of days, eating a few treats here and there but last night I rewatched every single one of Mish’s videos, including the live feeds (took hours!) and I feel reinvigorated!

  2. Wow, you are doing SO well! I’m still loving the photos of the meals and weekly run-downs.

    I also like the idea of re-watching the weekly videos to make sure some of Michelle’s messages hit home. A few have for me this round, but I suspect it wouldn’t hurt me to re-watch them so they get ingrained (hopefully)!

    PS. Happy anniversary!


    1. thanks Deb! you did soooo well in your first round Im trying to emulate your success!!!

      I think Im going to rewatch a few more of Mish’s videos 🙂

      Hope you had a nice weekend!

  3. That’s really great advice for the Inner Labrador!

    You’re Saturday night burger looks delicious and that salad on Friday, wow! Yum!

    Good going 🙂

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