12WBT | week two

On the whole I found this week a little easier; getting up in the morning didn’t take as much effort and I was finding going to bed earlier much more manageable due to better planning of my time.



Morning work-out with Jay & Harley – 15 min interval running, circuit of 50m runs, squats, jumps, burpees & sit-ups.
Evening Zumba class. I bought a 10-pass Zumba class card from LivingSocial for $29 (usually $15 per class) which is a total bargain although I have always seen the ads for Zumba and though looks total crap! Let me tell you, it was shit. I hated every second of the hour workout with the exception that it burnt 700+ calories. It’s strange. I’m a total ‘Les Mills’ girl; BodyPump, BodyCombat, Step, etc which is very different than Zumba which is a mishmash of many different dance styles (think Latin, Thai, etc) set to music that just doesnt work with the beat of the dance. I couldnt find a rhythm and the instructor didn’t once guide or explain any of the moves. The tempo is so fast that by the time you actually get one of the moves, its over and your doing something else. Very frustrating. However, I’ve bought the 10-pass so I’m going to keep going (& hopefully not make such a fool of myself as the weeks progress)….



BodyPump class at the gym. I love Pump! Ian finally made it out of bed to join Jay, Neen & I and he was rudely re-introduced to Pump! He had to leave the class at the end because he thought he was going to hurl! Go Ian! I caned my legs and I can feel them getting stronger.



Outdoor morning session with Jay, Neen & Ian. We did interval running for 15 minutes, then did boxing interspersed with 50m shuttle runs, burpees, squats, lunges.



Early morning BodyPump class. Bettina the hardcore instructor wasn’t there so my Friday night BodyBalance instructor Rachel took the class and she was amazing! I put more weights on and really killed my legs during the lunges.



Sleep in!!!! 5.30pm BodyBalance class. It’s a little easier than my first session last week, but man, its still really tough. Some of the poses are just torture. The instructor is Rachel and I think she’s got to be so bored with her day job as an Accountant that it gives her time to think up new & torturous poses! I feel really good and stretched afterwards though. Good start to the weekend.



SSS day (super saturday session). I completely owned myself! 1 hour 40 mins to burn 1000+ calories. We (Jay, Harley & I) started with jog warm up to the park, then did 20 mins interval running, spar boxing, skipping, 15 mins interval running, push-ups (I did 60!), sit-ups (I did 100!) more boxing, squats & lunges. 



Exercise: Rest day!!! I woke up with a serious case of DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) so I went and got a massage which really helped.


this is my Polar summary for the week:

  • Total calories expended this week = 3974
  • Total hours working out this week = 7hrs
Total weight loss for this week = 1.3kgs!

Week 3 summary out next Monday 3rd October. Til then… 


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