12WBT | week one

Week one is complete!

my week in food & exercise:

Monday food

Monday exercise, 6am: First serious morning workout – head to the park with Jay & Harley for 5 min warm up, 15 min interval running, 50m interval running with pushups, squats, jumps (x 6 repeats).

Tuesday food

Tuesday exercise, 6.30am: Body Pump class @ gym (with Jay & Neen). I love this feeling!

Wednesday food

Wednesday exercise, 6.15am: Jay, Harley & I meet Neen & Ian down the park for a repeat of Monday’s workout – 5 min warm up, 15 min interval running, 50m interval running with pushups, squats, jumps (x 6 repeats)

Thursday food

Thursday exercise, 6.30am: this morning is a struggle as I’m feeling tired but Body Pump @ the gym with Jay & Neen quickly sorts me out. Some of the Aussie Olympic Swim Team is doing a stretching session outside of our workout class (Eamon Sullivan, Geoff Huegill, Andrew Lauterstein & James Magnussen)! Now that’s inspiring!

Friday food

Friday exercise, 5.30pm: Body Balance @ the gym. It’s much harder than I expected. A blend of yoga, tai chi & pilates. I am twisted & challenged into positions that I didn’t even think could be done! The instructor is nice and helps me through with less-advanced options. Afterwards a couple of class members come up and let me know that it gets easier after about 5 classes. Good to know!

Saturday food

Saturday exercise, 9.30am: Super Saturday Session (SSS) aims at burning a target of 1000 calories….whoa! I do 2kms on the bike, then Jay & I do Body Combat class @ the gym. IT IS HARDCORE. High intensity cardio through combination of shadow boxing and kick boxing. I am red & dripping with sweat when we finish but I’ve blasted 700+ cals! We get home and take Harley out for a walk/run around the harbour. Another 400+ cals burnt and I’m done for the day! Total of 1326 calories smashed!

Sunday food

Sunday = rest day (I’ve earned it!) & weigh-in. Lost 2.4kgs this week!!!

summary from my Polar download
  • 3762 calories burnt
  • 8 training sessions
  • 6:12 hours spent exercising
Week 2 update on Monday 26th Sept

4 thoughts on “12WBT | week one

  1. Wow! Great effort.

    I am exhausted reading through your workouts for the week.

    Fantastic effort on the weight loss too, that must be motivational 😉

  2. Wow! You really stuck to the menu and the program. Well done! I’m envious as I can’t seem to focus as much as I’d like to… (And you sound as if you are enjoying it!)

    Whatever the scales say this week, you’ve done a great job so far!


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