What a fabulous few days it’s been!

Thursday was Jay’s birthday. We had breakfast before work at one of our fave cafes Morso down on the Jones Bay wharf in Pyrmont.

Cafe Morso
Jay eats the Morso Breakfast
mmmm...I could swim in this coffee! Its giant!

That evening we head to Odyssey Wine Bar just down the road from my work for some amazing wine (Huntington Estate 2006 Shiraz from Mudgee) & snacks…

…before meeting Janine & Ian for dinner at Cut Grill & Bar

Ian & Jay
Punters Corner Shiraz Coonawarra 2002

Friday – getting up before dawn to drive Mum to the airport (she’s off to Perth to see my brother) Then later at work – lunch at my desk & another coffee to keep me going before the team meeting (we’re going through a team restructure & I will be meeting my new manager tomorow – my 9th manager…)

It was also Tam & Leon’s 10th wedding anniversary & I spoke to her as she was heading up to Port Macquarie for a nice weekend away!

Tam the blushing bride in 2001

Watching the Opening Ceremony & All Blacks win against Tonga on Friday night

Finally sleeping in on Saturday (thanks Harley)!!!

Harley snuggling in with us

Coffee & a mammoth game of fetch at the dog park

An evening out with Jay and friends Jeff & Ben to watch my work friend Michelle Neil perform in the play Closer held at The Tap Gallery for the Sydney Fringe Festival. It was a small semi-pro ensemble with a cast of only 4 performing in a space of about 3m x 3m. The interpretation was good but a couple of the actors were really stiff and didn’t loosen up until well near the end. Michelle was good though which is the main reason why we were there (considering we saw another rendition of Closer from the Newtown Theater Group a couple of years ago), she played the character of Anna (made famous by Julia Roberts in the movie adaptation).

a quirky space - Tap Gallery in Darlinghurst

Sunday – today I performed the starting fitness test for 12WBT (starts tomorrow! eek!!) in the park with a time trial 1km run, sit-ups, push-ups, reaches & leg strength tests. 

Did all my shopping for the week ahead (from Michelle Bridges’ food plan) AND THEN I fully stacked it down the stairs and spent a good hour bawling. I am seriously going to have some major bruises but I’m really lucky I didn’t break or sprain anything. I have spent the last 2 hours on the couch with an ice-pack down the back of my pants!

I am the biggest klutz. As evidence of this, let me show you what I did last week and am still supporting on my arm

hot oil burn

While I’m wallowing on the couch, Jay is making dinner! Chicken roasted in the oven with sweet potato and coleslaw. Yum! So now I rest for the night before I get up early and start Day 1 of 84  of the fitness overhaul. 

Hope you all had a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “update

  1. Looked like you had a lovely weekend in Sydney!

    And good luck on the training plan – you’ll be fit and fabulous in no time!

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