in my handbag

the contents of a women’s handbag is often a mystery to men & even herself!

no mystery here…my bag laid bare on my dining table

Contents in detail:
♦ Prada bag – bought from Prada store in Switzerland in ’07
♦ HTC phone (my fave gadget!)
♦ Ray-Ban Aviator sunnies
♦ Mimco clutch (which carries my wallet & lipstick)
♦ Louis Vuitton wallet – holds all my cards & coin purse (bought from LV store in St Germain Paris)
♦ my work ID & RSA token
♦ 2 pens
♦ Coles receipt
♦ little notepad
♦ Coach wallet (pressie from Janine) holding all my occasional cards
♦ handbag hook (pressie from Gracie) so that my Prada doesn’t sit on the floor!
♦ Neurofen
♦ Kit Essential Multipurpose Wonder Balm
♦ C.O. Bigelow lipgloss (Gracie brings them back from the States for me)
♦ Revlon lipstick

Jay just asked me “are you bored?”



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