Friday Fitspiration

At one time or another everyone feels unmotivated, regretful, apathetic, embarrassed or unenthusiastic about something. If you’re anything like me, who suffers from ‘foot in mouth’ disease, this may happen more regularly than not! It’s important to review, learn from the mistake and then move the hell on! I love this quote (stolen from fellow 12WBTer Schmiet) Couldn’t […]

Dedes | restaurant review

Nothing gets me more irate than bad service. When you’re paying good, hard earned money for service you expect polite courteous behavior or at a minimum, general decency.  So I had a feeling that we were in for an unpleasant evening when the maitre’d snootily snorted a forced greeting on arrival at Dedes restaurant in Abbotsford. I […]

12WBT | week one

Week one is complete! my week in food & exercise: Monday exercise, 6am: First serious morning workout – head to the park with Jay & Harley for 5 min warm up, 15 min interval running, 50m interval running with pushups, squats, jumps (x 6 repeats). Tuesday exercise, 6.30am: Body Pump class @ gym (with Jay & […]