melly gets real about… & weightloss

Generally speaking I would class myself as a happy person.

I am more often than not confident and comfortable with myself. 

But there are things that I want to change. Namely my diet & exercise. I know that I dress nicely and carry my weight well. But if I am honest with myself, which I am being, I am overweight.

So I am doing something about it. Seriously.

“First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.”

Firstly, I made a commitment to Michelle Bridges 12WBT overhaul; 12 weeks of fitness, diet and mindset training by the powerhouse woman herself (Australia’s Biggest Loser trainer, fitness author, fitness guru etc etc). I’ve paid the fee to have her as my very own online personal trainer & #1 supporter. It’s hardcore; 6 days a week training.

Secondly, I’m working through her month-long pre-season readiness tasks to ensure that I am 100% ready to begin and get my arse kicked (I’ll elaborate more on the preseason tasks over the next couple of weeks). We’ve just started on Week 3 and I will start the actual program on 12th September.

Thirdly, I’ve invested in new fitness equipment – I’ve bought myself a new pair of Brooks trainers, two new workout tights and a Polar heart-rate/fitness tracking monitor (the FT60) which will all help me work out better (if I look stylish, I’ll be able to take myself out in public! and if I can track my calories in & out more easily, bonus)!

my new Brooks Glycerin 9 runners
Polar FT60

Lastly (before I actually get on with it), I’m professing it to the world via my blog. I share so much on my blog (including the most random and mundanest of thoughts and actions) that it seems hypocritical for me not to write about it. It will also keep me accountable and motivated. This is me committing to the end goal. I will lose 30kgs in the next 12 months. I am acknowledging that I’ve been overeating for the last 10 years and not exercising enough and I am ready to get ultra fit and lose weight while doing it. I will be able to run 5kms without stopping! I will fit into a size 12 pair of Levis! And I am committed to do the hard work to get me there. 

I will also be updating my progress on a weekly basis here on my blog.

This is my handshake. I am and will be as good as my word.

for more info on the wonder woman herself, visit Michelle Bridges site here 

Michelle Bridges




7 thoughts on “melly gets real about… & weightloss

  1. That is fantastic! Thanks for sharing and good luck with it!
    I am on a road-to-summer fitness kick too! We should swap stories.
    I look forward to reading your updates 🙂

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