it’s a love story | Janine & Ian

This next story in the “it’s a love story” series is about my husband’s good friend Ian and his beautiful wife Janine. aka E and Neen. The four of us all went to the same high school and I was actually friends with Ian before I was friends with Jay, before we started dating. I always knew of Janine but since I was a in a year above at school, we didn’t travel in the same circles and I didn’t get to become friends with her until a few years ago when we were all living in the same suburb in Sydney. They are our dinner club companions and a wonderful couple who truly balance & compliment each other.

These are words by Neen.

♥ A love story about a boy and a girl ♥

Once, there was a teenager boy who arrived late at school, every single day.

Once there was a haughty teenage girl who thought that the boy was pretty lame for always being so late.

The boy thought the girl was a snob so they ignored each other for quite some time until the girl found out that the boy was always late because he was very sick. Then the girl felt bad for being so haughty and decided she wanted to get to know the boy a bit better.

One day, the boy arrived at school with a brand new hair cut. The girl was pretty shallow as a teenager and decided that the boy was looking a lot better and therefore a lot more interesting.

At a party not long afterwards the boy tried to hold the girls’ hand. She let him. It had made her heart go flip flop.

Over the next year, they became girlfriend and boyfriend three times. Being teenagers, they’d immediately cease speaking to each other once they got together. Eventually, on the third try, they got together properly and had a cute little high school romance.

After school, while the girl was at Uni and the boy at Tafe, they spent most of their spare time doing their own thing. She played with her friends and he played with his friends. This quasi break did them good because they had their own kind of fun for awhile. Him with parties, drinking and other such things. Her with cafes, movie nights and family time.

Many years later, the girl went off to Europe with her sister. While she was away, she realised how much she really, truly, madly, deeply loved the boy. A few days after this occurred to her, the boy emailed her to say that he had realised his life was much better when she was around.

It was at this point that the girl and boy grew up a bit and had more of a grown up relationship. A couple of years later, the boy proposed and after the girl had jumped around excitedly for awhile, she eventually said yes.

They moved in together only a week before they were wed so for them, marriage was much more exciting than just a wedding. The boy and girl know how lucky they are to have an easy, happy marriage.

The girl likes how funny and clever and affectionate the boy is. She also thinks he is cute and kind and fearless.

The boy likes how silly the girl is. He likes her big heart, her thoughtfulness and her weird little quirks.

The boy and girl have been soul mates for the last 15 years. This makes them happy. They are happier still, knowing that in front of them lies many more happy years and lots more love.

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