four hundred

today marks my 400th post!

not that it hasn’t been wild, but it’s certainly been fun & creative all the way
here’s to the next 400!

today, what makes me happy is:

  • getting messages on on twitter (my new obsession)
  • the feeling that the world isn’t so small when you read other people’s blogs & get an insight into their lives
  • eating popcorn with all-spice seasoning
  • watching Harley get defensive over his toys (he covers them with his paws like a little fat kid hiding cake)
  • the anticipation (with a sprinkling of trepidation) of having Michelle Bridges train me for the next 12 weeks (more on that later)
  • the satisfaction when I successfully order 12 coffees for my meeting from memory!
  • knowing that my husband has started a bromance with my BFFs fiancé!
  • having a project lunch with my team at the Belgium Bier Cafe today (yum, mussels)! 

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