results of too much champagne

◊ Friday date night with hubby; Mad Mex & Rise of the Planet of the Apes at the movies

◊ Saturday night knocking over 2 bottles of bubbly with my bestie, delicious Lebanese with Jay, Gracie, Rob, Alicia & Mick at Almustufa followed by too much wine and sheesh

◊ sleeping-in with the dogs (Harley & Nate) until noon and then dragging our sorry butts to lunch at FFF where our lovely slashy (actor’slash’waiter) told us the origin of his giant black eye

**apologies for the quality of the photos, even though Im not the best photographer when Im sober, Im atrocious when Im tipsy!

belly dancer
mmmm yummy
my hilarious companions!
Jay & Gracie doing something I cant describe!!
Jay dancing with the belly dancer
apple & mint sheesh
Gracie is a secret smoke-dog!
de-virginising Rob to the sheesh!

◊ and the realisation that Luke Wilson is clearly not as good-looking, good an actor as his brother Owen. Owen rocks. Luke does not.

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