seven days

It’s almost the weekend and I’m looking forward to it!
My Mummy is coming down to visit and like me, she has a penchant for a good bargain – she bought a couple of sessions at a day spa on Cudo so we’re going to spoil ourselves!

But before I get there, here are my highlights from the last seven days;


good vino for Friday night dinner!


Saturday date night with the handsome hubby rockin' a tux


lunch up the coast with birthday boy Rob (& Jay)


driving pass this cute little church on the trip home from Mum's
seems like winter's worst is over! 24°C = icecream and my fave is a Bubble O'Bill!
FINALLY...Sookie & Eric I don't even care that it felt flat!

read here for the most hilarious review of True Blood I have ever read.


noodles for lunch....
...while chatting to my desk buddy Phil (who averages 5.22 / km running over 14 kms! machine!)
spicy chicken tacos for dinner Tuesday night


coffee at 3Beans in St Leonards waiting for a client catch up
pretty Kale flowers I bought at Coles on the way home


visiting a client on lvl 46 of the Citigroup building - how awesome is this view! you can see all the way to Botany Bay
lunchtime walk down around the wharfs under the Harbour Bridge.....I can hear spring's step coming!

2 thoughts on “seven days

  1. Bubble O Bill’s are MY FAVOURITE icecream. Have you seen the massive picture of them on the side of Broadway?

    It’s so cool to see Phil and put a face to the name I hear about so often!

    1. I have seen the sign on Broadway & it seems they’re making a come back with people who aren’t as cool as you & me (because we’ve loved them forever)!
      Phil is a legend. He is also known as “Uncle Phil” and “work husband #2” (I am a work-husband-tart as I officially have 3 ‘work husbands’ which really just means I give them advice on what ties to wear to meetings and what pressies to buy their real wives and then I yack their ear off and they’re bound by social politeness to listen to me!

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