melly is for equality

I vote for equality.

Why shouldn’t everyone have the option to express their love publicly if they so choose. It has nothing to do with anyone except the two in the marriage. It has nothing to do with God and everything to do with bigotry and politics.

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3 thoughts on “melly is for equality

  1. There was a tricky proposition here in California–yes, what used to be liberal California–a few years ago that tripped people up and passed in favor of not allowing same-sex marriage; it’s all tied-up in the courts now. The prop was heavily funded by Mormons from Utah! I can’t believe all the religious bigots out there. Religious people should be for love not against it. And if law is going to be involved, then all people should have the same rights. Is it really 2011? I thought we were all supposed to be in rockets by now…but we’re still in caves.

    1. it simply just amazes me, the extent of people’s bigotry & closed-mindedness and how they tie it back to religion.
      I do actually know people who are really religious and demonstrate the kindness you’d expect from those with high moral opinions, but generally speaking religion causes more issues than its worth.
      I think it’s time for a next round of evolution…

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