ripples, milsons point | restaurant review

the view from the promenade, Milsons Point

It’s a grainy shot…that’s what happens when you use your phone at night! But you get the picture…the Harbour Bridge and Sydney city is beautiful.

The 2011 Dinner Club story so far:

January: Oceans Eleven, Five Dock ♦♦♦♦
February: Spice Temple, Sydney ♦♦♦
March: Radio Cairo, Cremorne ♦
April: Rosso Pomodoro, Balmain ♦♦♦♦
May: Porteno, Surry Hills ♦
June: The Dip, Sydney ♦♦♦
July: Ripples, Milsons Point ♦

[ratings out of ♦♦♦♦♦ based on food only and not accounting for price]

tempura zucchini flowers filled w roasted pumpkin, basil & persian feta

Ian & I had zucchini flowers which in theory sounded really good. they were pretty substandard. the tempura was soggy and the filling didn’t quite work. I’m not sure what the white mash was but it was strange. dare I say it; it kind of tasted like Deb! [] Basically the dish had way too many flavours going on, which was a precursor to the rest of the dishes that evening!

betel leaf salad, 4 ways, pork, prawn, spiced beef, trout

Jay enjoyed the betel leaf salad although he said he’s had better ones for $10 at the local Thai takeaway!

Janine didn’t have a Starter.

ripples famous crisp-fried fish & chips

Jay, Ian & Janine all had the fish and chips, which were divine! Crispy batter, succulent tasty fish and good crisp thick-cut chips. Awesome!

roasted barramundi w pumpkin, spinach & pine nut rotolo & saffron fennel broth

I’m sorry to be rude, but this was possibly the most rank thing I have ever eaten. Ripples bastardized this poor beautiful fillet of barramundi with an atrocity of flavours like curry, aniseed, cream, capers and onion. It was just awful and I could only force myself through half of it.

winter tasting plate for two burnt lemon curd tart, apple crumble, chocolate mocha tart, grand marnier cannoli

I am so disappointed I don’t know how to begin. there custard of the lemon curd tart wasn’t set, the apple crumble tasted of butane (probably from the blow torch they used to flambe the top) and it also had whole cardamon pods in it, the chocolate mocha tart was replaced with a delicious warm chocolate brownie square that was moist, but they committed a crime against pastry with the cannoli which was thick like a biscuit and not sweet at all and filled with unflavoured custard. The dessert chef should be forced to go back to Tafe to relearn pastry. Hid-e-ous.

molten chocolate pudding & vanilla ice cream
sticky toffee pudding w caramel sauce & vanilla ice cream

Jay & Ian had a different variation of the same pudding; chocolate and caramel. When asked how it was, the boys just shrugged and kept eating!

Score: crime and punishment for you all. they should be ashamed.
Value for money: not good considering I didn’t eat most of my meal
Ambiance:  amazing. sit any closer to the water and you’d be in it! It really is a beautiful position.
Comments: they are open for breakfast so I’d say that would be a better bet – how hard is it to make eggs and bacon? The waiter needs to take it down a notch. He was a little pushy and forceful and not overly friendly.

Ripples Milsons Point


One thought on “ripples, milsons point | restaurant review

  1. This is funny. I didn’t notice the boys just shrugging and ploughing on. Lol.
    If it wasn’t for the awesome fish and chips, then I would have been immensely disappointed too. Let’s stick to the Ripples on our side!

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