seven dinners

There is nothing I love more in my home life than cooking.
It’s joyful and relaxing and part of the way I express my love to my husband, family and friends.
Luckily for me, Jay loves his food which makes all the hard work a complete pleasure!

dinner Monday

starting the week off simply with a homemade pizza

dinner Tuesday

chicken stuffed with quince & spinach served with roast field mushrooms
topped with goat’s cheese and a winter salad of oven roasted
pumpkin, baby spinach and kale.

dinner Wednesday

mid-week chicken schnitzel with cauliflower bake and
roasted sweet potato and winter leaves 

dinner Thursday

date night at the movies Mad Mex chicken & black bean burrito

dinner Friday

nothing special for a dinner for one; olive sourdough topped with beef rissole, tomato and coleslaw which I enjoyed curled up on the couch with Harley and a nice beer

dinner Saturday

movies night at home & Thai Takeaway; rice with wok-fried greens and tofu and pad see ew beef.

dinner Sunday

Jay & I shared a Sunday evening supper of a couple of nice wedges of French cheese, quince paste, olives, strawberries, authentic Scottish oat cakes and Western Australian red rock crayfish.

 now for the next seven days!…

2 thoughts on “seven dinners

  1. I follow a lot of bloggers who cook and I so envy them. I could seriously burn water…the kitchen and me just doesn’t mix. But I love looking at your cooking 😀

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