bad teacher | movie review

Let’s just put one thing out there.
I really enjoy Cameron Diaz movies. My husband does not.

So on Thursday night, kicking & screaming I dragged him to see the new Diaz movie Bad Teacher.

And he spent a lot of time laughing raucously and even admitted that it was different than he expected and it was very funny.

Diaz is really good in this role; as Elizabeth Halsey a broke and completely shallow, self-obsessed hottie in her mid-30s who just wants to bag a rich husband so she doesn’t have to work in her current profession as a middle school teacher. Her plan for landing a man? Get a boob-job!

The fact that she is a terrible teacher who just doesn’t give a crap is where all the comedy stems from. She doesn’t bother to learn the names of her colleagues or the students and instead of creating lesson plans and actually ‘teaching’ she gets her kids to watch the movies made of the syllabus books, cons parents into paying for “supplies” and cheats her way to successful test scores for a bonus!

Justin Timberlake’s character Scott is pretty lame but the dry humping sex scene is hilarious. The scenes with gym coach Russell (played by Jason Segel) and Elizabeth bring a comedic balance and Lucy Punch’s character Amy Squirrel who is the super straight but hanging-by-a-thread nemesis teacher across the hall from Halsey are fantastic. The scene where she flips out in the Principal’s office and does weird stuff with her mouth had me gasping for breath, I was laughing to hard!

What I liked most about this movie is that Elizabeth didn’t ‘come good’ in the end. She’s still a total biatch but you just love her anyway.

Standout quotes:

“Sharks tear families apart” – Scott agreeing with Russell 

“She’s manipulating you through the use of dolphins” – Amy to Principal Wally  

” Twilight, what did we talk about in class? Throw it through her, not at her” – Russell giving tips to a kid who has hair like Edward Cullen 

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