last night’s dinner

Dinner Club date with the Jacksons fell through due to Ian having the man-flu so the Williams had our own little dinner club at home,
with some chicken, pumpkin & mushrooms.
It was a right tasty little party!

Chicken stuffed with quince paste & spinach, served with goats cheese topped mushrooms and roast pumpkin winter salad.

chicken breast stuffed with quince paste and wilted spinach

2 x medium sized chicken breasts, pounded flat and stuffed with a tbs of quince paste (I use Maggie Beer) and a cup of baby spinach leaves wilted

tied chicken on a spicy salsa

tie the chicken with cooking twine and lay on a bed of spicy salsa (I use a combination of spicy Mexican salsa and sweet chilli salsa), cover and bake in the oven for 35 mins on 180°C

mushrooms stuffed with ash covered goats cheese

meanwhile, cover a couple of large flat field mushrooms with 75g of soft goats cheese (I use ash covered). bake in the same oven; adding 20 mins into the chicken cooking time.

herby pumpkin

cut pumpkin in cubes, sprinkle your favourite herbs and fry over medium heat until golden brown (20 mins). allow to cool and then toss with your fave garden greens (I love baby spinach & kale).

Tuesday dinner

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