my best friend rocks

this is Gracie 

Gracie @ my Mum's wedding
Gracie on Ayers Rock

we’ve been best friends since year 5 when she was the scandalous new girl in class and she’s been by my side ever since (even her two stints living abroad in the US didn’t diminish our friendship). our friendship started tentatively as we played chasey with the boys in the quad at lunch time. we rode our bikes 10kms for milkshakes, had mulberry fights in our school uniforms and dressed up in her Mum’s show-costumes. she was there to tell when I had my first kiss, she stayed with me when my Mum was getting over cancer, if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have met Jay in high-school, she’s been a shoulder to cry on and a cause of belly-aching laughs, she knows all my secrets and doesn’t judge me for them, she’s talked & hugged me through years of Dad heartbreak and been here to celebrate my life changing moments.

she’s random and funny and beautiful and smart and inspirational and emotional and caring and fun and fearless (mostly) and adventurous and spiritual

Gracie's perfect pout!

she’s slender and tall but I’m always telling her to stand up straight, she doesn’t like gerkins, she loves cheese and olives as much as I do, she adores The Little Prince story, we have picnic-snack-time sitting on the kitchen floor, she makes up silly voices, we read books to each other lying on blankets in the yard, she has a size 9.5 foot (so I can’t steal her shoes), her younger sister is almost a cool as she is, she is often forgetful but she’s not unthoughtful, she gets drunk on 2 glasses of champers but can down vodka like there’s no tomorrow, as if by magic I can decipher her “gracie-language”, she keeps a great herb garden, we tweet each other, we speak almost every day, she is soon to be Mrs Vitnell.

and she regularly sends me little notes and cards to tell me she loves me. I have a stack pinned to my cork-board at work.

this is the card I received at work last week

don’t you just wish you had a best friend like my Gracie?!!

to celebrate her engagement (happy! happy! joy! joy!) I’m taking her on a surprise adventure day tomorrow. We’re going to hang out and do girlie things in the city. I’d tell you what we’re going to get up to, but it’s a surprise! It’s going to be so much fun!

hubby-to-be Rob & Gracie
Gracie & Melly 1997
Gracie & Melly 2011

I ♥ you Gracie!

2 thoughts on “my best friend rocks

  1. This is such a sweet post and Grace is such a sweet girl.

    I love that that she sends you cards and notes regularly. It’s so thoughtful. And thoughtful is rare.

    I hope you girls have a fabulous weekend.

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