things i hate thursday

i’m generally a happy positive person. but sometimes I just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. today is one of those days.

things that are currently ticking me off are:

  • when people don’t reply back to a text message. it’s just the height of rudeness. in my opinion.
  • capital letters
  • paying $18 for a movie ticket. after a $5 small popcorn and $8 bag of maltesers, i don’t know how families can afford to go to the movies. no wonder everyone downloads everything…
  • bad coffee. when you desperately need the caffeine, it’s a total travesty.
  • radio stations that broadcast the same boring, uninspiring pop music. you know who you are (Nova…cough cough)
  • people that don’t have the guts to confront you to your face, but tell someone else in the hopes that it will get back to you. it’s just poor form and when chinese-whispers take hold you never know what’s truth and what’s fiction
  • granny smith apples. i don’t care for their tartness. there are just better ones out there
  • need a cab because you can’t get to your meeting quick enough? there is none to be found. wandering aimlessly down the street? dozens of cabs slowly drive past you in hopes of a fare. sometimes the cosmic joke is on me.
  • the man flu. you’re a man. you are genetically built to run barefoot through the wilderness hunting wildebeest while defending your hut with splintered hands from spear & arrow attacks. a measly flu should not stop the universe. women birth small humans. take a teaspoon of cement and harden the f up.
  • the women who work at DJs. they ignore you and act like elitist snobs when they should be smiling warmly and offering you fragrance testers. i read the book ‘the women in black’ by madeleine st john. this isn’t the 60’s. thank god for myer.
  • Twits who use Twitter as a soapbox. 
  • the fact that nina on offspring kissed chris when she has beautiful patrick. grotesquely frustrating
  • winter. i’m over you now. please go away.
as you can see, i’m a little fiery today. now that i have had my whinge, i need to go back to bed and wake up in a better mood from the right side of the bed!

3 thoughts on “things i hate thursday

  1. Oh Melly you crack me up. I agree with lots of these and it made me laugh that you interjected it all with a dislike for granny smith apples!

    People who don’t reply to sms messages/emails, etc irritate me to no end. You’re quite right, it really is the height of rudeness.

    Movie prices most certainly are insane, particulary Gold Class. Cinemas have only themselves to blame for increases in downloads and less patrons through their door!

    It assumes/annoys me when people in retail act like utter snobs. They work in retail. Retail!!! Why they feel they are better than anyone else is beyond me! Maybe they feel unsuccessful and are taking it out on the rest of us. If I get treated rudely, I walk away. I’m paying for products, not attitude!

    My other bug bear is bad grammar. Inexcusable.

    Gee, maybe I got out of bed on the wrong side too!

  2. Why don’t you reinstate the “Every day I’m forced to add another person to the list of people I’d like to kill…” list? Go on, it will make you feel better.

    And people with a family a family of four can only afford to go to the movies on cheap Tuesday and they don’t buy any snacks. We sneak in our own food in big handbags.

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