tip toe in, tip toe out

“I feel like a dolphin who’s never tasted melted snow. 

What does the color blue taste like?”

That classic pearl of wisdom was from Anna; Andie MacDowell’s character in Hudson Hawk

Oh, how I love that movie! It cracks me up so bad!

The above picture is of the diabolically insane Minerva and Darwin Mayflower, played by the ingenious Sandra Bernhard and Richard E Grant.

“It’s better than when we first started out, our code names were diseases. Do you know what it’s like being called Chlamydia for a year?”


    “It’s not like I asked you to teach our nation’s children how to read…”
    “To yourself, Butterfingers!”
    “Ah, to be in Paree and in love.”
    “Oh no, you’re a slender reed compared to that guard!”

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