thirteen questions

melissa’s matchbook questionnaire

Tea or coffee?

Both. I adore one really good coffee each morning (skim flat white) but I drink peppermint tea like it’s going out of fashion!

I collect…

Shells. From every beach I visit. I have three large glass urns that I display them in. I love them for their pretty, natural, aesthetic appeal and the memories they invoke.

Favourite city?

Why Sydney of course! But I do love Melbourne & Paris…

Favourite season?

Spring. Sunshine after a gloomy winter, temperate weather, freshly budding flowers and new season fruit & veg.

Bloom of choice?


Style icon?

Blake Lively who (shock! & horror!) apparently styles herself (I don’t care what the Fabulous&Opinionated think!); oh, too be young, beautiful & with that hair and those eyes…. and Karla Deras of Karla’s Closet. I adore her style & wardrobe.


Escape by Calvin Klein


Gustav Klimt

Currently listening to?

Adele….on repeat (much to the frustration of my husband!)

I’m lusting after…

A 2 hour long deep-tissue massage

Most prized possession?

My husband! (and my Tiffany&Co charm bracelet)


Blake Lively


Ryan Reynolds


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