three weeks ago…

…I was enjoying 10°C with high sunny skies weather in Melbourne while trying not to stress that our flights home had been cancelled due to the Chilean Volcanic Ash Cloud!

These are the highlights from my trip.


  • first great Melbourne coffee (courtesy of Brother Baba Budan)
  • shopping the outlets on Bridge Rd, Richmond
  • Scrumpy and Gypsy ciders for pre-dinner drinks at Young & Jackson’s rooftop cider bar
  • Bottega. one of the best dinners ever.
coffee from Brother Baba Budan
Young & Jacksons rooftop cider bar (photo from their website)
the best meal ever - prawn and Morton Bay bug ravioli at Bottega


  • breakfast @ Mr Tulk (review here)
  • random knitting festival in which the men, frustrated by the girls lack of knitting-prowess, took control and proceeded to knit the morning away!
  • more great ciders at Beer Deluxe outdoor bar
  • our first ever AFL match; barracking the winning team (Geeeeelong!) and being amazed by 65,000 people at a normal match and the smooth public transport to get there (unlike Sydney which is just ridiculous to get to any sporting event)
the knit-a-thon in Federation Square
Melly knitting (and failing)
Mandy & Jay knitting!
the boys drinking beer.....and knitting....
ciders & beers on display
love catching the tram
the crowd - 65,000 strong!
the crew at the AFL match (Cats v Hawks) Go Cats!


  • breakfast at Adiamo in Degraves Lane
  • St Kilda markets
  • pre-dinner drinks at Melbourne Supper Club
  • drinking too much at MoVida
  • taking drunk pictures of alley trash!
Luna Park at St Kilda
Acland St in St Kilda - home of the cake
glorious wine at the Melbourne Supper Club
the boys at MoVida


  • our flight being delayed – another day in Melbourne!
  • breakfast at Manchester Press cafe; great coffee art
  • walking to Lygon St, Carlton
  • standing under the clock tower
  • afternoon tea at Hopetoun Cafe
  • getting lost in the Docklands
Manchester Press cafe
Melly hugging trees in Lygon St Park
the Melbourne Bell Tower
afternoon tea at Hopetoun Cafe


  •  4am start to get a flight home (!)
seek alt route (!)

thanks to my 5 travel buddies for an amazing time; hubby Jay and amazing friends Mandy, Neen, Ian and Nath! <mwah> xox

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