darling moments

Bungalow 8
  • Friday evening drinks at Bungalow 8
Harley & his frisbee
  • Long Saturday morning walk & Frisbee in the park (to tire out a boisterous doggy!)

    Jules, Matty, Melly & Jay
  • impromptu dinner party at our place with my 18 y.o cuzzie Matt and his gorgeous girlfriend Jules (visiting Sydney from Brisbane)

    rockin' at Cranium
  • Team Williams’ remains undefeated at Cranium!

    Harls in the park
  • hot chips & fetch in the Sunday afternoon sun
4 Pines Hefeweizen
  • discovering a new awesome beer! 4 Pines Hefeweizen

    Sucker Punch
  • girls kicking butt in Sucker Punch on DVD

2 thoughts on “darling moments

  1. Oh my god, your dog is so cute!
    looks like fantastic weather in Sydney this weekend, unlike here which has been cloudy and cold.

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