the lime, the watch and the weirdo

there is a little fruit & veggie store on the main street in Glebe which is a short walk from my house.

i usually walk with Harley up there and tie him to the “doggie pole” especially placed out the front of their shop, while I head in and pick up things for dinner.

the store is like many others of it’s kind; quaint, overflowing with brightly coloured fruits and vegetables and small so that you have to do the “aisle dancing game” with other patrons with full shopping baskets in hand.

on this occasion, i was waiting for a woman to squeeze pass me in the aisle when she asked for the time.
startled at being asked a question while being directly in front of my face and no more than 15cm away from it, i stepped back, bumping into a wooden tray overfilled with limes which then started an avalanche rolling into the aisle sending a few stray ones out into the street.

many things flashed through my mind in these 5 seconds including;
◊ is this my fault considering my personal space was being invaded?
◊ can i rush to pick up these limes before they roll onto Glebe Point Road and under the wheels of the bus that is at the stop right out front?
◊ will i be able to get them without my dress flying up and exposing my vanity?
◊ what am i going to do with my basket and handbag and umbrella while i am chasing limes out to the street?
◊ does the lady still want to know the time?

while several people started chasing them (myself included) the local resident crazy person (habitual drug user & occasional pet thief should also be considered in this description) was in prime position to pick one up while laughing hysterically and then proceed on up the street.

i truly am;
a clutz,
a trouble magnate,
a random story gatherer,
potentially insane,

ripples, milsons point | restaurant review

the view from the promenade, Milsons Point

It’s a grainy shot…that’s what happens when you use your phone at night! But you get the picture…the Harbour Bridge and Sydney city is beautiful.

The 2011 Dinner Club story so far:

January: Oceans Eleven, Five Dock ♦♦♦♦
February: Spice Temple, Sydney ♦♦♦
March: Radio Cairo, Cremorne ♦
April: Rosso Pomodoro, Balmain ♦♦♦♦
May: Porteno, Surry Hills ♦
June: The Dip, Sydney ♦♦♦
July: Ripples, Milsons Point ♦

[ratings out of ♦♦♦♦♦ based on food only and not accounting for price]

tempura zucchini flowers filled w roasted pumpkin, basil & persian feta

Ian & I had zucchini flowers which in theory sounded really good. they were pretty substandard. the tempura was soggy and the filling didn’t quite work. I’m not sure what the white mash was but it was strange. dare I say it; it kind of tasted like Deb! [] Basically the dish had way too many flavours going on, which was a precursor to the rest of the dishes that evening!

betel leaf salad, 4 ways, pork, prawn, spiced beef, trout

Jay enjoyed the betel leaf salad although he said he’s had better ones for $10 at the local Thai takeaway!

Janine didn’t have a Starter.

ripples famous crisp-fried fish & chips

Jay, Ian & Janine all had the fish and chips, which were divine! Crispy batter, succulent tasty fish and good crisp thick-cut chips. Awesome!

roasted barramundi w pumpkin, spinach & pine nut rotolo & saffron fennel broth

I’m sorry to be rude, but this was possibly the most rank thing I have ever eaten. Ripples bastardized this poor beautiful fillet of barramundi with an atrocity of flavours like curry, aniseed, cream, capers and onion. It was just awful and I could only force myself through half of it.

winter tasting plate for two burnt lemon curd tart, apple crumble, chocolate mocha tart, grand marnier cannoli

I am so disappointed I don’t know how to begin. there custard of the lemon curd tart wasn’t set, the apple crumble tasted of butane (probably from the blow torch they used to flambe the top) and it also had whole cardamon pods in it, the chocolate mocha tart was replaced with a delicious warm chocolate brownie square that was moist, but they committed a crime against pastry with the cannoli which was thick like a biscuit and not sweet at all and filled with unflavoured custard. The dessert chef should be forced to go back to Tafe to relearn pastry. Hid-e-ous.

molten chocolate pudding & vanilla ice cream
sticky toffee pudding w caramel sauce & vanilla ice cream

Jay & Ian had a different variation of the same pudding; chocolate and caramel. When asked how it was, the boys just shrugged and kept eating!

Score: crime and punishment for you all. they should be ashamed.
Value for money: not good considering I didn’t eat most of my meal
Ambiance:  amazing. sit any closer to the water and you’d be in it! It really is a beautiful position.
Comments: they are open for breakfast so I’d say that would be a better bet – how hard is it to make eggs and bacon? The waiter needs to take it down a notch. He was a little pushy and forceful and not overly friendly.

Ripples Milsons Point

seven dinners

There is nothing I love more in my home life than cooking.
It’s joyful and relaxing and part of the way I express my love to my husband, family and friends.
Luckily for me, Jay loves his food which makes all the hard work a complete pleasure!

dinner Monday

starting the week off simply with a homemade pizza

dinner Tuesday

chicken stuffed with quince & spinach served with roast field mushrooms
topped with goat’s cheese and a winter salad of oven roasted
pumpkin, baby spinach and kale.

dinner Wednesday

mid-week chicken schnitzel with cauliflower bake and
roasted sweet potato and winter leaves 

dinner Thursday

date night at the movies Mad Mex chicken & black bean burrito

dinner Friday

nothing special for a dinner for one; olive sourdough topped with beef rissole, tomato and coleslaw which I enjoyed curled up on the couch with Harley and a nice beer

dinner Saturday

movies night at home & Thai Takeaway; rice with wok-fried greens and tofu and pad see ew beef.

dinner Sunday

Jay & I shared a Sunday evening supper of a couple of nice wedges of French cheese, quince paste, olives, strawberries, authentic Scottish oat cakes and Western Australian red rock crayfish.

 now for the next seven days!…

what it comes down to

“Maybe that’s what it all comes down to. Love, not as a surge of passion, but as a choice to commit to something, someone, no matter what obstacles or temptations stand in the way. And maybe making that choice, again and again, day in and day out, year after year, says more about love than never having a choice to make at all.” 
– Emily Griffin 
I certainly agree. But the passion is a prerequisite. You gotta have that.

wedding invitations

Since Gracie & Rob told me they were engaged I’ve spent a lot of time looking at wedding & bridal stuff online.

I know…it’s not my wedding but I can’t help it! It’s a girl thing!

I stumbled across this beautiful paperie site that does the most precious wedding stationary.

The following are a select few favourites!

All invitations, save the dates, etc can be customized and it’s all online with instant proofing! Perfect for the brides who have a to-do list a mile long!

Visit Wedding Paper Divas online here.

Now for the dress, flowers, cake, favours, hen’s party, etc…. =D

bad teacher | movie review

Let’s just put one thing out there.
I really enjoy Cameron Diaz movies. My husband does not.

So on Thursday night, kicking & screaming I dragged him to see the new Diaz movie Bad Teacher.

And he spent a lot of time laughing raucously and even admitted that it was different than he expected and it was very funny.

Diaz is really good in this role; as Elizabeth Halsey a broke and completely shallow, self-obsessed hottie in her mid-30s who just wants to bag a rich husband so she doesn’t have to work in her current profession as a middle school teacher. Her plan for landing a man? Get a boob-job!

The fact that she is a terrible teacher who just doesn’t give a crap is where all the comedy stems from. She doesn’t bother to learn the names of her colleagues or the students and instead of creating lesson plans and actually ‘teaching’ she gets her kids to watch the movies made of the syllabus books, cons parents into paying for “supplies” and cheats her way to successful test scores for a bonus!

Justin Timberlake’s character Scott is pretty lame but the dry humping sex scene is hilarious. The scenes with gym coach Russell (played by Jason Segel) and Elizabeth bring a comedic balance and Lucy Punch’s character Amy Squirrel who is the super straight but hanging-by-a-thread nemesis teacher across the hall from Halsey are fantastic. The scene where she flips out in the Principal’s office and does weird stuff with her mouth had me gasping for breath, I was laughing to hard!

What I liked most about this movie is that Elizabeth didn’t ‘come good’ in the end. She’s still a total biatch but you just love her anyway.

Standout quotes:

“Sharks tear families apart” – Scott agreeing with Russell 

“She’s manipulating you through the use of dolphins” – Amy to Principal Wally  

” Twilight, what did we talk about in class? Throw it through her, not at her” – Russell giving tips to a kid who has hair like Edward Cullen