andiamo cafe | degraves lane | melbourne

Degraves Street and Lane in Melbourne are named after two brothers who were pioneer settlers in the mid 1800’s. They arrived from Tasmania in 1849 and set up grazing farms in Melbourne. The streets are located near Flinders St Station and Degraves Lane is famous for it’s European cafe culture.

Degraves Street Melbourne

My first walk down Degraves and I’m transported back to Montemarte in Paris; it’s cobbled stone street, little hole-in-the-wall coffee vendors, green & white lattice chairs and the abundance of cafes and little specialty stores. It’s so cute!

Degraves Lane
Degraves Lane

The six of us eat breakfast at Andiamo Cafe which is a really cool space; rustic chunky wooden furniture, recycled industrial accessories on the tables and a giant over-sized brown paper butcher’s roll on the wall on which the menu is written. It’s busy and packed full of people wanting Sunday brekkie and coffee. We’re squeezed into a communal table with chunky wooden block stools.

Adiamo cafe

 We drink; coffees and fresh juices

freshly squeezed juice

We eat; 

big breakfast (poached)
big breakfast (scrambled)
big breakfast with avocado
French toast with Andrew's sausages
Mediterranean breakfast
Special: Mexican breakfast

I have the Mexican brekkie; it’s a flour tortilla heaped with fresh grilled corn, wilted spinach, poached eggs and avocado salsa. I’m in heaven!

Andiamo cafe | 36 Degraves Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph |  03 9650 8060