spicy fish | melbourne restaurant review

Our flight home having been delayed by the Chilean volcanic ash cloud, we made the most of our additional day/night in Melbourne. While Nath & Mandy loved it up in their hotel room, the Jacksons & the Williams rocked on down to Chinatown for dinner.

Melbourne Chinatown (photo source: The Age)

I don’t usually eat Chinese food but the group decision was to try a cheap & cheerful restaurant that Jay’s friend from work had recommended called Spicy Fish. It’s focus is Shanghainese and Sichuan cuisines. I’m in a new city – I’m game to try new things!

Spicy Fish street sign
Spicy Fish interior (pic source: CandidCuisine)

To start we have some minced pork dumplings that go down nicely with beer (for the boys) and lychee soda (for the girls). Janine is a dumpling fanatic and says they are OK. I think they taste similar but not as good as Japanese gyoza.

Tsingtao & Crown Lager
lychee soda

The lychee soda is made from tinned lychee’s and lemonade. It’s nice and sweet and hits the spot.

ready for action!

We shared;

Pepper fillet beef
Honey prawns
Braised chicken with fungi and veggies
Special fried rice

As far as Chinese cuisine goes, it’s pretty good – tasty, not too hot and not too greasy. The chicken dish is my favourite as it’s mild and has lots of veggies and I love the fungi. The best thing is that it’s cheap, which after paying for the airline delay, is just what we’re looking for!

Spicy Fish | 209 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Ph | 03 9639 1885