fringe freakout

[following content contains spoilers]

My mind is reeling from the Fringe Season 3 finale ‘The Day we Died‘.

OK, it wasn’t as much of a mindfrak as Lost, but it’s pretty close!

Peter never existed. What the hell?

I have so many questions about what Season 4 will hold. Considering an interview with executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman revealed that Joshua Jackson is still under contract for a fourth season [you can exhale now!], my guess for the storyline of season 4 is that of the first people (Walter, Astrid?) going back in time to bury the machine and finding Peter who is in suspended animation or is living as usual in another parallel universe. Plus some more conflict between Olivia/Fauxlivia and Peter’s kid (if he doesnt exist, does that mean his kid still exists???) and Walter/Walternate. Does the merging of the two universes mean that they’re in a third alternate universe now?

The whole time travel paradox is doing my head in. I must go mourn the end of Fringe now.

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3 thoughts on “fringe freakout

  1. We went MENTAL after we watched the last episodes. I was straight online to check if Josh was in season four. I think we possibly sat discussing what was going to happen in season four for about 2 hours!

    I went into full portion Fringe mourning and want season four NOW!

  2. It’s kind of the opposite of when Dawn just appeared as Buffy’s sister and no one realised that she had only just begun to exist because they all had memories of her. Peter will be back because they will not want to deprive us of Peter and Olivia’s reaction to Fauxlivia bearing Peter’s child, after building that up all season. He will just blink back into existence, like Dawn did, but the gang may or may not remember him. I can’t believe you only just watched this episode! Where are your priorities??

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