floating on salt

Weekend in review…

  • Friday night TV show catch-up til 3am (I was so behind in everything inc Gossip Girl, Supernatural, Fringe & Vampire Diaries – now I’m up to date!)
  • Saturday brunch at FFF and stroll through the Glebe Markets

  • gardening in the winter sun
  • marathon walk with Harley to the dog park to play with his doggie friends

    Harley at the bottom of the doggie rumble
  • unexpectedly good coffee from a “coffee” van
  • 1 hour float session in Bondi (left me slightly claustrophobic but Jay loved it)

    float tanks
  • the smell of freshly washed and line-dried sheets
  • Donna Hay recipe for dinner – garlic chickpeas & chorizo 

    garlic chickpeas & chorizo

2 thoughts on “floating on salt

  1. I totally know the feeling of being behind on shows. I am months behind on all my favorite shows, thank god for the internet! But I find it kind of exciting to watch all the episodes at once rather than once a week. The waiting period kills me so I might as well let it all go, forget, and go nuts until 3am one night!

    P.S. I found your blog via a comment you left on my blog a long time ago! Just catching up!


    1. thanks Bonnie! I love your blog!
      I am in total agreement with you – it’s so good to just watch them all at once and then you get a big hit but the flip side is once its over you have more of a withdrawal!

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