three days…

…til True Blood Season 4 til then here are; three pictures of Alexander Skarsgård three pictures of Anna Paquin three pictures of Stephen Moyer three pictures of Ryan Kwanten three pictures of Joe Manganiello three pictures of Rutina Wesley three pictures of Deborah Ann Woll ♥

andiamo cafe | degraves lane | melbourne

Degraves Street and Lane in Melbourne are named after two brothers who were pioneer settlers in the mid 1800’s. They arrived from Tasmania in 1849 and set up grazing farms in Melbourne. The streets are located near Flinders St Station and Degraves Lane is famous for it’s European cafe culture. My first walk down Degraves […]

it’s nice when a politician gives a damn

Australian’s were upset, horrified and outraged when the lid was blown by ABC’s Four Corner’s on the live animal export to Indonesia and the shocking conditions in which the cattle are slaughtered for meat. That story barely scratches the surface of the cruelty inflicted on the animals within the live export trade but at least it […]

movida | melbourne restaurant review by Neen

We had a lot of expectations for this restaurant and Neen being a fabulous wordsmith was tasked with conveying it to blog. Here is her review, reposted from her blog. ≈≈≈≈≈ Dinner at MoVida One of the things I was most looking forward to about our long weekend in Melbourne, was dining at MoVida. I’ve always heard […]