let them eat cake!

Yesterday was Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea to raise funds for the Cancer Council. 

Groups and businesses can register to be apart of the event and this is the second year that my workplace has been involved. According to the morning tea website, so far $890,666 has been raised!

For a gold-coin donation, colleagues could have morning tea and then place a vote on which cake they liked best.

I came in second place for my Coconut Vanilla Cake (above, second-row on the left) and I also make some Ninjabread men (third-row on the left).

Third place was my work buddy Mel C who made a Lemon Meringue Pie (top row on the right) and another friend Nat made the most delicious Tunisian Orange Flourless Cake (second-row on the right) which placed fourth.

First place was John’s Lemon Tart (the yellow pie on the right below)

Marie Antoinette's delight!

 Our waistline’s were added too but the cause makes it all worth it.

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