six fears

day 5 of the 10 day reveal
  1. clowns. It’s basically Tamara’s fault. She made me watch Stephen King’s IT too young and I’ve been traumatized ever since.

    this seriously gives me goosebumps
  2. people I love dying. I think I’d just fall apart. 
  3. stick insects. I’m slowly getting over this fear but my automatic response is freakout
  4. my teeth falling out. I have nightmares about it and I wake up and have to check to make sure it didn’t actually happen! 
  5. falling over in public. I should be accustomed to this by now considering it’s a common occurrence, but it still rates up there as one of my top fears. 
  6. end of the world by zombies or an apocalyptic virus (aka Rage virus from 28 Days Later, 12 Monkeys virus, T-virus from Resident Evil). I seriously have night terrors about this. I honestly think it’s possible and I’m always concocting an escape plan just in case. I really need an underground bunker!

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  1. Oh…and Ian has dreamt a few times that his teeth have fallen out. Apparently (according to a dream book thing I have) it’s related to a fear of humiliation. So possibly related to your feeling of stacking it in public? You should track your dreams and see if you dream about losing your teeth after you’ve done something that made you cringe.

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