ten secrets

day 1 of the the 10 day reveal
  1. I know its not ladylike, but find fart jokes extremely hilarious! 
  2. I sleep on my tummy, without a pillow. 
  3. My favourite game to play is ‘what would we do if we won the lottery’! 
  4. My middle name is Sue. 
  5. I am certain that I can smell my own nose. (my husband finds this super weird & super funny!) 
  6. I get serious road rage. 
  7. I have a fissured tongue. I used to get teased about it when I was a kid, but it never really bothered me then or now. What am I gonna do? It’s hereditary. 
  8. When I’m really angry, I vehemently say the *C* word under my breath. 
  9. I often act more confident than I feel. 
  10. I often get obsessed with certain noises. Like bubble wrap, nails on a chalkboard and kids metal toy clickers. 

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