Elk-shaped pasta with Swedish meatballs

I’d like to say that I made this pasta because I was cooking for children, but alas, it’s just me & the hubby and really, we’re just big kids at heart!

After a Saturday trip to Ikea resulted in a bag of wonderful Ikea Food, I decided that a dinner on a freezing Saturday night would consist of pasta, Swedish style.

the Swedish loot

Finely dice one brown onion and saute with one diced chilli.

onion & chilli

Add in one grated zucchini and cook til tender.

zucchini mix

Add in a tin of chopped tomatoes, the tomato pasta sauce and the meatballs (which are already pre-cooked but are frozen). Simmer til done.

meatballs and tomato pasta sauce

Meanwhile, get the pasta cooking. The Elk-shaped pasta is made from brown Durham wheat.

Elk shaped pasta!
Elk shaped pasta!
10 mins and they're done

Last minute, add a bag of baby spinach leaves to the pasta.

spinach for extra greens

Top with grated parmesan. Pasta pronto!

Elk-shaped pasta with Swedish meatballs

I liked eating the antlers first!