Sydney H2-oh!

I haven’t had a random rant in a while and I’d like to apologize in advance to my friend Janine!

She works for Sydney Water and although you may personally acknowledge your work’s inefficiencies, I understand the feeling of loyalty and protectiveness when other people bag it out! But I’m not going to hold back in any case!

Last night Jay & I returned home about 10pm from my work movie event to find our neighbours milling around on the street watching several Sydney Water trucks set up with lights, with the contents of the Ord River Damn gushing down our street!

It seems that a large tree had a growth spurt which burst the street’s water main.

Through the night we periodically awoke to hear jackhammering and talking while they worked on the issue.

This morning the supply to the street was switched off. No water whatsoever!

About 6.30am Jay spoke to the guys to see what the situation was; apparently they’d had to switch off the water to the entire street to stop the leak, but the pipes were so destroyed that they may even have to relocate the tree to fix it.

The optimistic time frame for water reconnection was 4 hours (huh! unlikely deadline missed) but it maybe all day / all weekend without water. WTF?!?

In what city is it OK to cutoff a whole suburban street’s water supply for several days? It’s not like I can meander down to the town well and draw some water.

As a project manager I understand the need for proper planning before tackling an issue, but what were they doing all last night? It looks like a typical council work site out there; a lot of nothing happening. I’ve been working from home this afternoon and have been watching people sit around on their arse, private contractors come and go and basically 3-4 men standing watching 1 man do something in a hole. Courtesy of notification would have softened the blow. You’d think that as a standard procedure they would notify the residents of what was happening. I checked the mail box and there is nothing. If Jay hadn’t of asked we wouldn’t know.

12 hours without water I can live with, but if it’s going to take all weekend I’m going to be pissed! I’m up shit-creek with no need for a paddle because the frickin creek is dry. I don’t think they realize that this girl can’t live without running water readily available. I am a neat freak! Every Friday I get home from work and spend 2 hours methodically cleaning the house from top to bottom. If I don’t get to wash my hands every 30 minutes I start to develop a psychological condition reminiscent of Howard Hughes!

Anyway…as I’m about to hit publish on this blog there is suddenly a flurry of activity outside. Here’s hoping to running water (shower! dishes! flushing toilet!) soon!

Sydney H2-oh!