the sun out my front door

dear sun,

thanks for coming out and shooing the rain away. It feels like forever since I’ve seen you! can you hang around all Autumn?

dear Jay,

hurry up and come home…

dear lemon zest,

I’m going to give you a miss for a while, because you didn’t go so well in my salad and you’ve been repeating on me all morning and I don’t feel so good…

dear Rob,

I hope your new hip is awesome & that Gracie is taking good care of you. also, please don’t give your old hip to Nate to chew..that’s truly disgusting.

dear people who steal borrow my recycling bin,

please stop it. it’s driving me freaking insane! then I have to “borrow” someone else’s for the week. and I bet that makes them crazy too.

dear Mum,

thanks for being my person. and thanks for giving me sage advice even when I think I don’t need it. and thanks for buying me those two little rugs in Perth which are half the price of what I’d pay here in Sydney!

dear Elly,

thanks for being an awesome hairdresser. my hair looks 100% better now, which makes me feel better! see you in 6 weeks!

dear Prince William and Princess Catherine,

along with the other 2 billion people around the world I watched your beautiful wedding on TV. It was so touching it brought a tear or two to my eye…I wish you the very best and hope you have a beautiful life together!


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