a week of dinners

Dinner at the Williams’ house is fun!

We listen to music, have a glass of wine and catch-up on our day while Jay “preps”, I cook and Harley runs around sniffing the air with his monkey in his mouth!

I often plan my meals a week in advance so I know what groceries I need and what I can use from the pantry or freezer. I sometimes cook from recipes that I read in mags or get via email newsletters from various cooking sites, read on food blogs, find in my myriad of cooking books or find motivation when watching celebrity cooking shows (aka Jamie Oliver, Nigella, Donna Hay, Giada De Laurentiis or Ina Garten), but mostly its just whatever I’m inspired by, get a craving for or find particularly good ingredients to use.

Basically, I spend a fair amount of time thinking, planning, obsessing about food!

I’m always interested in what people are eating, and even at my work sometime during the afternoon my desk buddy Phil and I will discuss what’s planned for dinner!

I thought I’d capture a week’s worth of dinners to share with you.

If you get the urge and motivation, why don’t you do “a week of dinners” post and link back here through comments. We could start a new blog trend!

A week of Williams’ dinners:


Sunday – homemade pumpkin soup with crispy bacon

I used the pumpkin bought from a side of the road veggie stall (previous post), with one large potato, herbs from Mandy & Nath’s garden (thyme, oregano & rosemary), liquid veggie stock & skim milk. I added crispy grilled bacon because according to Jay, dinner isn’t a proper meal unless there is some kind of animal protein involved!


Monday - hotdogs

“Football food” is Jay’s favourite food night, and Monday our team (the Knights) were playing, so we had the appropriate football cuisine…hotdogs (which we ate while watching our team on TV get beaten). All it takes is hotdog buns, Frankfurt sausages, American French’s mustard, Heinz tomato ketchup (not sauce), grilled Spanish onions, cheese & pickled cucumbers.  A nice beer to wash it down!


Tuesday - spaghetti bolognaise

Take the following ingredients and cook while boiling spaghetti until al dente.

Tuesday - ingredients

And to cure a sweet tooth on a really cold autumn night…

Tuesday - rhubarb and pear crumble

Simmer til almost cooked; fresh rhubarb and pear in brown sugar, water and vanilla essence then transfer into a oven-proof dish and top with a crumble mixture of butter, rolled oats and shredded coconut. Cook til golden brown and crunchy. Serve with single pouring cream.


Wednesday - ingredients

I am obsessed with green beans. I could eat them every day! I put them in loads of dishes like fresh leaf and pasta salads and accompanying grilled meat with asparagus blanched and run under cold water so they still have that crunch, but they are ultra awesome to add colour to a quick and easy stirfry. This one consisted of Bok choy, pumpkin, carrot, chilli, basil (from Mandy’s garden), sliced chicken breast and hokkien noodles. Cooked with a splash of soy sauce, ho-sin sauce and Chinese chilli sauce. It was hot & spicy and really quick to make.

Wednesday - chicken & beans with hokkien noodle stirfry


Thursday - McDonalds

Don’t judge! We both worked late and couldn’t be bothered cooking. Doesn’t matter how many new burgers Maccas brings out, I still love Big Macs.


herb roasted chicken
Friday - roast chicken with corn & coleslaw

TGIF! So happy it’s Friday. Jay had to work til 8pm so our dinner was a little later than usual. With the house & puppy nice and clean and the smell of roasting chicken wafting out of the kitchen I snacked on olive sourdough bread with a glass of red wine while I waited for Jay to get home.

The chicken was rubbed with fresh thyme and rosemary (from Mandy’s garden) and cooked for 40 mins on 180°C (356°F). The corn was boiled for 15 mins and I cheated with the coleslaw from a packet and just added half-mayo and half-sour-cream, salt n pepper and some fresh basil.


Saturday - mini pizzas

Jay & I had a hectic day doing nothing! We slept in (as much as possible with a puppy full of energy), went for a long walk around the harbour, made a big brekkie fry-up and went to the movies in the afternoon to see Scream4 (awesome! I screamed! And ate popcorn and maltesers, yum!).

Dinner was mini pizzas; store bought mini bases, pizza sauce, Italian sausage, marinated artichokes, green chilli olives, cherry tomatoes, bocconcini cheese and shredded mozzarella.


So, that’s a week worth of dinner’s at casa de Williams!

Are you hungry?!

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