I’ve spoken frequently about our favourite breakfast cafe in Glebe.
It’s called Fundamental Food Flaminn.

We usually walk there for a lazy weekend brekkie with our little monster Harley, getting the paper along the way. By the time we actually get there, it’s more like brunch. Harley sits under the table while everyone who walks past stops to pat him because he’s so fricking cute (and doesn’t he know it!).

It’s not exactly an attractive cafe; although it’s clean and tidy, the chairs look like boardroom office chairs (they are so comfy though!) and the floor is tiled with 80’s faux-terracotta. But I tell you, the food more than makes up for it.

Our suburb of Glebe is an eclectic haven of students, hippies, same-sex couples, original oldies, indigenous Aussies and young city office workers. There are always people out with their dogs. There are markets each Saturday in the local school and the main street has so many cafes and restaurants that you could progressively eat your way down the street over the course of a couple of months!

Triple-F, as we affectionately call it, is a little gem that has good quality food, substantial portion sizes and is very well priced. They even do $2 Bloody Mary with the Big Breakfast!

Jay always orders the same thing. The big breakfast, eggs scrambled. Often he has grande intentions to order something else, but when we sit down and look at the menu, he succumbs to the big brekkie. The waitress always quips that she shouldn’t bother giving him a menu!

big breakfast

The Big Breakfast $15.00 consists of Turkish toast, eggs your way, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, tomato and hash brown served with a garnish of fruit.

big brekkie

Yesterday, Jay also got the Bloody Mary.

Bloody Mary is bloody good!

I usually alternate between poached eggs on toast or beans, mushrooms & spinach on toast or fruit salad & raisin toast. When I’m really hungry I’ll order Poached eggs on Turkish toast with bacon, mushrooms & spinach $16.

Poached eggs with bacon spinach & mushrooms
Mango & Banana Smoothy

Yesterday I ordered Pancakes with banana, ice-cream and maple syrup $15. It was divine but a little too big & sweet for me to finish.

Pancakes with banana, icecream & maple syrup

And of course, the coffee is decent!

mmmmm, coffee

So, if you’re ever in Glebe, definitely try this place for breakfast (or lunch or dinner). You won’t be disappointed!

♦ Fundamental Food Flaminn | 145 Glebe Point Road | Glebe NSW 2037 ♦

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